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New Year's Resolution's - priority kids

Most of us make New Year's resolutions, some we keep, some just don't make it or maybe don't matter. I felt I achieved an "accomplished" stamp in 2014 for slowing down, very few things are worth the stress and danger of rushing. I still get caught up in a "rush", but I've improved.

This year a tragic loss has happened to a new acquaintance. I read about parents losing their children at a young age often in media, most of the time I can't finish these articles. Its to heartbreaking.  

Anyone who knows me, knows my children are my priority in life. Like most parents, I try and be the best Mom I know how to be.

This recent tragic sadness has made me really look at how much time I spend with my kids, how much I travel for work, why we have not moved to a town that would be more beneficial for our kids, etc. A typical list of parent wants and needs for their kids.

So, long story short. My resolution is to spend every minute I can with my children.