Kids and Science in the morning

My 7yo spent a few weeks saying he needs a science lab coat and he needs to do science every morning. Thank you Netflix Instant for having Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 available for too many months now.

After clothes, teeth and morning lego time, he had been starting his morning off with "what kind of science experiment can we do today?". We found a few easy and quick experiments to satisfy his need for science without missing the school bus.

The water in glasses experiment is the easiest.

We busted out the measuring cups and let him pour in 4 different measurements; 1/4, 1/2, 1cup & 1 1/12. Then we took things to another level by letting him add in food coloring. It was crazy. Then the great science-y questions; what do you thinks going to happen? what really happened? why do you think it happened?

One other very fun one was an ocean in a bottle.

This one takes a little more preparation but only a few minutes to execute. Here is what you need; a bottle (plastic or glass will work just make sure its clean) mineral oil (found at rite aid in pharmacy section with castor oil, you can use vegetable oil also, mineral oil is clear), food coloring, a funnel will make life easier and cleaner, and super glue.
Some extra items; an action figure and some glitter or plastic confetti.
Fill the bottle halfway with water, add your food coloring choice. Then add your glitter and/or sea monster, action figure, etc. Hypothesis time! Ask those science-y questions. Add mineral oil. Make sure the rim and cap are dry, super glue the cap on.

There are tons of fun and easy science-y experiments on pinterest. I love putting marshmallows in the microwave and watching the kids reaction, or grapes (they spark!).

Now my son has moved onto building a pinball machine out of legos as his morning must do, but we still do put on our pretend lab coats every so often.


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