Fall camping & family bike riding on the Allegrippis Trails

Finally a weekend away from the computer. Not so much away from work, but at least unplugged. We are only a 3-hour drive from beautiful Raystown Lake in Huntingdon, PA. Home of the Allegrippis trails and the annual Dirt Rag event, Dirt Fest.  We loaded the van for a somewhat impromptu trip, took the kids out of school early friday and headed out to enjoy the fall weather.

Because the trip was a little spur of the moment, we forgot quite a few things and didn't grab all the vital food needs requested by the kids. But, who cares. We're camping and it's going to be amazing!

I didn't forget my whiskey. Best Interbike gift ever. 

Camping brings out the independent and adventurous behavior in my kids. They want to go down a trail near the campsite on their own and see whats there, climb a tree, hunt for critters, ride their bikes up the un-known hill. It makes me so happy to see them let go of most of the fear of the outdoors that so many kids suffer from these days. Nature scares the shit out of me.

The Allegrippis Trails are great for all levels of riding. Even newbies and little ones. The hubby rode from the campsite and the kids and I met him at the susquehannock parking area to ride the Buck, Fawn, Doe loop. These are perfect trails for my kids, who don't hit singeltrack to often and are starting to try to tackle small rock gardens and roll over small roots. Food is always a good motivator for my kids, "Once we get to the end of Fawn, we'll stop and eat lunch!" "Hooray!"

An hour and a half ride is pretty long for my kiddos and taking this route slowly it took us about that long. There were triumphs, a bit of walking and occasional emergency caterpillar must stop to see moments.

To wrap it up we spent a little time on the lake Sunday, let the dog get his first serious water experience and let the kids wade in the water in their clothes.

We camped at the Seven Points Campground, in the Ridge camping area. There are a few trail entry points in a few campsites. If you camp down further there is a bike path that will lead you to Ridge. It's $25 a night for non-waterfront camping, bring cash to pay via envelope drop-box. There's a little corner mart, BEST, just down the road for all those forgotten essentials.

We drove to Huntingdon and ate dinner at Boxer's Cafe, the food is great and there is a good beer selection. We also stopped in a few doors down and said hi to the awesome staff at Rothrock Outfitters, they rent bikes and boats, plus service and stick any bike mechanical need.

Coming back home tired and in everyone in great moods is one of my favorite ends to a weekend.  I highly recommend it.


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