Building Stick Boats & Getting Outside

Warm days are not gone yet! Making the most of warm days is highly important to me after living in southern CA for most of my life and now living in western PA, where seasons actually exist and there is this thing called "winter". Plus being outside is just good for adults and kids.

I love complaining about the heat and the cold. But, I do realize I do that too much and maybe I should just shut up and get a little miserably sweaty.

I found a great book called "Make It Wild" by Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield and it is packed full of fun outdoor activities. One of them is to build boats out of found sticks, twine and some random recyclable items.

My kids loved this and attempted to race them in a few creeks and float them in the water table in our backyard. There are also some really fun winter activities in the book that we are anticipating this year. Even me, and I only like winter behind a glass window in a warm house. The authors have a few other books out I am adding some to my "must read" list.

Or you could go bug hunting. Which I find gross and scary, but I try really hard to put on an "I don't mind them" mask, hoping my kids don't inherit my absolute fear of spiders, ticks, giant moths, anything creepy crawly really.

My "friend" the garden spider. She's so good for the garden, but I end up yelling and cursing at her everyday for scaring me when I don't see her... 

Of course, we like to try and go for bike rides as often as possible.

Get outside and have a little fun. Winter is coming.


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