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Fall camping & family bike riding on the Allegrippis Trails

Finally a weekend away from the computer. Not so much away from work, but at least unplugged. We are only a 3-hour drive from beautiful Raystown Lake in Huntingdon, PA. Home of the Allegrippis trails and the annual Dirt Rag event, Dirt Fest.  We loaded the van for a somewhat impromptu trip, took the kids out of school early friday and headed out to enjoy the fall weather.

Because the trip was a little spur of the moment, we forgot quite a few things and didn't grab all the vital food needs requested by the kids. But, who cares. We're camping and it's going to be amazing!

I didn't forget my whiskey. Best Interbike gift ever. 
Camping brings out the independent and adventurous behavior in my kids. They want to go down a trail near the campsite on their own and see whats there, climb a tree, hunt for critters, ride their bikes up the un-known hill. It makes me so happy to see them let go of most of the fear of the outdoors that so many kids suffer from these days. Nature s…

Kids and Science in the morning

My 7yo spent a few weeks saying he needs a science lab coat and he needs to do science every morning. Thank you Netflix Instant for having Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 available for too many months now.

After clothes, teeth and morning lego time, he had been starting his morning off with "what kind of science experiment can we do today?". We found a few easy and quick experiments to satisfy his need for science without missing the school bus.

The water in glasses experiment is the easiest.

We busted out the measuring cups and let him pour in 4 different measurements; 1/4, 1/2, 1cup & 1 1/12. Then we took things to another level by letting him add in food coloring. It was crazy. Then the great science-y questions; what do you thinks going to happen? what really happened? why do you think it happened?

One other very fun one was an ocean in a bottle.

This one takes a little more preparation but only a few minutes to execute. Here is what you need; a bottle (plastic o…

Building Stick Boats & Getting Outside

Warm days are not gone yet! Making the most of warm days is highly important to me after living in southern CA for most of my life and now living in western PA, where seasons actually exist and there is this thing called "winter". Plus being outside is just good for adults and kids.

I love complaining about the heat and the cold. But, I do realize I do that too much and maybe I should just shut up and get a little miserably sweaty.

I found a great book called "Make It Wild" by Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield and it is packed full of fun outdoor activities. One of them is to build boats out of found sticks, twine and some random recyclable items.

My kids loved this and attempted to race them in a few creeks and float them in the water table in our backyard. There are also some really fun winter activities in the book that we are anticipating this year. Even me, and I only like winter behind a glass window in a warm house. The authors have a few other books out I am a…