Toms Shoes - Alive 1year later

I've said it before, I'm a shoe addict. There was a time when I worked in retail I owned 30+ pairs of shoes. It was ridiculous, crazy and amazing. I gave in and bought my first pair of Toms classics, canvas shoes last year. I'm a big fan of canvas shoes. Chuck Taylor Classics and Vans Original Classic Canvas shoes are two of my all-time favorites.

Probably time to buy a new pair...

First and foremost, Toms are comfortable. Right after I bought them I wore them to a week long bicycle convention, Interbike, where I was walking for 8+ hours. No heel pain, or toe cramping/popping. And as a working Mom, I like that I can put these shoes on quickly and run out the door or jump on the bike for a quick ride to the park or store.  They look stylish and of course you get that positive feeling when you buy them, because of the 1 for 1 program.  (Yeah, I'm helping!...but not really helping, I just like to buy stuff that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Yep, that's me.)

When I buy eco-friendly products or find a pair of shoes I want on sale, I feel like this.

With the good comes the bad. These shoes are meant to be worn with no socks, so like most shoes that you don't wear socks with, they are going to start to stink. I've run my Toms through the washing machine a few times and air dried them to try and get rid of the stink. The soles and canvas survived the wash cycle and I wear these shoes frequently. As in 3-5+ times a week. After about 4 months of solid wear, I would wear them once after a machine wash and they start to smell. Stinky to a point where I could smell them while sitting at my desk. Gross. So, I went and got some anti-odor insoles and the problem has stopped. Woohoo!

And then I bought another pair. Toms are good for cycling too.

And I just received the new Toms catalog. Shoe porn! Can I justify another pair of shoes.... probably.


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