Telecommuting Mom - My Schedule

I'm fortunate to be able to telecommute for my job. It's often a saving grace when my kids are sick, on a school break or when I don't want to get out of my pajamas. But, it can be a major challenge when my kids must have your attention and I have "must get it done" work to do.

I generally have this same "come hither" look in my footie pj's.

Summer break is a challenge for most parents. The hubby and I try our best to keep a schedule for home activities and work. Easier said than done, but the effort alone helps keep things slightly on track. Being parents means being a team, so we do our best to tackle the day as partners not enemies. (Marriage battles happen, but that's another blog.)

Here is a breakdown of how we balance work, kids and day-to-day life at home.

5 or 530am.
Hubby: wake up, make coffee, walk dog (sometimes we switch this chore, but he likes to have a few hours of quiet house in the morning and I'm lethal before 7am.)
Hubby: starts his work day (he telecommutes full time)
7am.  (When schools in kids are up)
Me: wake up, stretch, sun salutation minimum 3X, water garden, pull weeds, consume coffee
Me: start work
Hubby: makes breakfast for us and for kids
7yo: rolls out of bed, eats breakfast
12yo: pre-teen rolls out of bed and doesn't want anything to do with breakfast, force her to eat something, which irritates her and results in her eating unhappily and going to her room.
7yo: is forced to do schoolwork. yes, we are those parents. He does a basic math sheet, a learning to write cursive sheet, reads and does a random activity. i.e.: makes an alphabet book, creates a flag, writes a sentence about his favorite animal, etc. I work in the dining room while he does this next to me.
Hubby and I: Glued to our computers trying to tackle our day, one of us stops to play with 7yo for 15-30minutes, then back to work.
7yo: is bored. give him ideas, nothing sounds fun. he wants video games or tv. answer no. results in angry face. Distract him with let's build lego's or do a craft together. works, moving forward with whatever seemed most appealing to him.
7yo: is it lunchtime yet. answer no. he's bored again. my eye starts twitching.
Me: making phone calls, skyping my team with door closed. My kids know if the door is closed I am in a meeting. No, I don't keep my door closed all the time. Set a plan with 7yo to occupy himself while I work until lunch and then we will eat and play.
Hubby: makes lunch, beckons us down to eat, walks dog again
Me & 7yo: eat then play legos or trains
Hubby & 12yo: eat then plan puppet building, painting for future you tube show. also chats about the current book being read. Which is the Hobbit right now. Love that book.

Every kid should own this book.

Me: Attempting to make  phone calls or attend meetings.
Hubby: Trying to finish up his day by 3pm.
Kids: Most of the time they are entertaining themselves, playing in their room, or outside. But sometimes, their is whining, boredom,  arguing, summer day camps and other chaos that pulls us away. 
Hubby: Is done with work and I can be uninterrupted for at least 2 whole hours! hooray!
Hubby: starts prepping dinner. He's the cook in the house and we love it.
Kids: Playing in their rooms, or arguing about who is bothering who.
Between 5pm-6pm:
Dinner time! At the table.
Me: walk dog with one of the kids
Hubby: does activity with 7yo or art/puppet with 12yo
Hubby & I: trying not to fall asleep or drink an entire bottle of whiskey. We generally play outside, board games or watch a movie together.
830pm: (this is 730pm during the school)
7yo: Gets ready for bed, we read 2-4 books, build lego or train sets. Then bedtime.
12yo: Waits impatiently for "her" time.
12 yo: gets tv time with Me. Dr. Who, Sherlock Homes, Harry Potter, etc. We also spend this time talking about school, becoming an adult, feelings, all that fun awkward stuff.
Hubby: Takes time to do freelance work or get ahead for regular work.
1030-11pm: (This is 930pm during school)
12yo: Go to bed.
Me: Jump on emails for next day and finish up anything I didn't get done. Fall asleep before hubby comes up to bed.

Then we start all over.
Some days we work in bike rides, hikes, go to the dog park, build homemade boats out of wood, leaves and string take them to creek and see if they float, come up with odd homemade crafts, whatever we can think of to get the kids to exert energy and receive attention. Our schedules are constantly fluctuating. We are tired most of the time. But it's worth it.


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