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Women's Cycling Pants

I love getting the opportunity to blog for Bicycle Times. Check out my ladies cycling pants roundup blog.

Fist Pump! These Giro pants look great with my Merrell boots too. HOT.
I really enjoy bike specific apparel with wicking qualities, it is worth the money if you want to not  feel like drenched in sweat when you get off the bike.

What kind of women's bike and outdoor products are you interested in?

Telecommuting Mom - My Schedule

I'm fortunate to be able to telecommute for my job. It's often a saving grace when my kids are sick, on a school break or when I don't want to get out of my pajamas. But, it can be a major challenge when my kids must have your attention and I have "must get it done" work to do.

I generally have this same "come hither" look in my footie pj's.

Summer break is a challenge for most parents. The hubby and I try our best to keep a schedule for home activities and work. Easier said than done, but the effort alone helps keep things slightly on track. Being parents means being a team, so we do our best to tackle the day as partners not enemies. (Marriage battles happen, but that's another blog.)

Here is a breakdown of how we balance work, kids and day-to-day life at home.

5 or 530am.
Hubby: wake up, make coffee, walk dog (sometimes we switch this chore, but he likes to have a few hours of quiet house in the morning and I'm lethal before 7am.)