Bicycle Date, one step at a time

Every so often the hubby and I attempt to make time and wrangle a sitter so we can enjoy a ride together and maybe a little time together. Here are the steps on how we manage this amazing feat as full-time parents with full-time jobs.

A photo of us on our adventures in SF last year. Photo credit - Maurice Tierney

Step 1. Find and bribe a babysitter. I've had to bribe my Mom with a new DVD player, money, movie tickets, taking out an epic pile of garbage and much more.

Step 2. Prep your bikes and gear the day before. Don't get caught with bike malfunctions as your are walking out the door, it could take half your allotted bribe time to fix or completely nix the plans together.

Step 3. Load the car (if needed) before you drop off the kiddos and try to make a basic plan of where you are going, how much time it will take to get there, eat and return.

Step 4. Drop the kids off, kiss them goodbye and run before your sitter changes their minds when your kids go screaming into their house with cardboard puppets and a scary plan to have a puppet show!

Step 5. Ride your bike.... try not to flat...

Step 6. Have some fun. The only times I can keep up with my husband's pace on a mountain bike is if I'm on an amazing loaner bike. i.e.: Niner R.I.P. 9 or Trek Slash. Otherwise, he stops at intersections and we take the opportunity to chat, have a drink or snack and check our time frame.

Step 7. Keep having fun! Even with a flat or bike malfunctions (you know it's going to happen). Just smile or laugh your way through it. Or curse for 15 minutes, then ride off the frustration.

Step 8. If you can fit it in, grab some food and a victorious "we had a date" beer or wine. Nothing tops off a nice ride like good food.

Step 9. Pick up the kids and high five the sitter.

Bike dates rule.


  1. Just had a "bike date" with my hubby last week. I laughed as I thought about how people either would "get" why this is a fun date, or be totally bewildered as to why we could call this a date. Glad to see someone else who "gets" it!


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