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Biking with kids and eating donuts

There are parents who have somehow managed to get their kids to jump into the air with excitement when you say "family bike ride!".  My kiddos are 50/50 on the response, we never know what kind of reaction we are going to get. Working in the bike industry does not help, "Mom, can we please stop talking about bikes."

One of the first adventure type rides we tried, we failed miserably. Two hours to prep and load the van, get to the trail, 15 minutes in and one of the kids is crying, the other just miserable, the works. It happens. Its part of being a parent, screaming at the sky in frustration and then saying, ok... I need a time out that might involve this beer going with me. When we get home, we play board games and put it all behind us.

The hubby and I generally force the kids to ride when they're against it. And most of the time their moods change for the positive. That change is generally because we've bribed them with a sweet treat along the rail to tra…

Bicycle Date, one step at a time

Every so often the hubby and I attempt to make time and wrangle a sitter so we can enjoy a ride together and maybe a little time together. Here are the steps on how we manage this amazing feat as full-time parents with full-time jobs.

A photo of us on our adventures in SF last year. Photo credit - Maurice Tierney
Step 1. Find and bribe a babysitter. I've had to bribe my Mom with a new DVD player, money, movie tickets, taking out an epic pile of garbage and much more.

Step 2. Prep your bikes and gear the day before. Don't get caught with bike malfunctions as your are walking out the door, it could take half your allotted bribe time to fix or completely nix the plans together.

Step 3. Load the car (if needed) before you drop off the kiddos and try to make a basic plan of where you are going, how much time it will take to get there, eat and return.

Step 4. Drop the kids off, kiss them goodbye and run before your sitter changes their minds when your kids go screaming into their hou…