Women's clinics at Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest

Every year at Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest we do a couple women's only clinics. Having been a beginner mountain biker not that long ago, I'm always excited to be part of this.

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To help encourage women to get out their and ride a mountain bike, this clinic is separated into different ability levels at different stations. You have first timers, intermediates and more experienced riders who are looking to hone in a specific new skill. This year we had an amazing coach, Sue Haywood. If you ever get an opportunity to join one of her clinics, do it!

Sue teaching how to get over logs of different sizes.

My beginners learning the importance of looking ahead.

We also help adjust the bikes to fit better; seat height, brake positions, etc.

Mastering drops station!

The encouragement that surrounds the women's clinics and rides always brings an ear to ear smile to my face. There's no cattiness, no rolling eyes of who has a "cheap" bike or not wearing the hip clothes. None of it matters. We are all here to ride and enjoy ourselves. Isn't cycling suppose to be fun? 

Go ride a bike and have a little fun. Get off and walk when you need to, don't worry about keeping up with the rest of the pack, don't be intimidated by people who have been riding for longer than you. Everyone started as a beginner. 


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