Winter gardening success

After one heck of a winter we managed to have a little success in the winter garden. Originally we had four beds dedicated to seedlings. With strong, negative temperature winds the heavy-duty plastic was not enough and slices were ripped in the plastic killing one entire bed. Half of another bed survived under the same circumstance, the half that survived were winter carrots.

We got a few onions, a rouge onion showed up in the carrots and managed to be the largest of the bunch. We also had success in the two other beds; kale, spinach and lettuce.

So, we've been eating salads, sautéed kale and spinach omelets and sautéed veggie bowls for the past month. Little man loves to pull up the carrots and it also helps him want to eat these particular veggies. But it's exhausting.

If you already have established beds, doing the pvc and heavy plastic is a somewhat easy task. Taking care of a winter garden is less of a daily chore than the spring garden. Barely any weeds and the plastic creates its own moisture so minimal watering needed.

Gardening and yard time will always remind me of my Grandma. She and my Dad both have told me, "Plant it, if it grows you did something right. If it doesn't just try again." Every time I am in the garden or backyard getting my hands dirty I think of her and it makes me smile.


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