My short time as a waitress...

It was very short lived, only about 5 months, but it's something everybody should do at least once in their life.

A great destination for all types of cyclists.

I took the opportunity to work at a new bicycle themed restaurant/bar to make a little, much needed money. I had never been a server before and was afraid I would fail miserably at the job. And, I did have a few moments of pure failure... Pick up and carry on, right?!...

Armadillo tip. Yes, there was more than $1. 

Anyway, being a server was extremely challenging. I never realized how much you have to remember and I'd forgotten how tiring it is stand on my feet for that 5 hours. There were a few great moments, a funny tip, a nice note, some very patient patrons. But with the good comes the bad, that often you have little to no control over. Now I tip bigger and have more patience as a patron. So, please remember that servers only get $3 an hour, and your tip is their hourly wage.


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