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Winter Gardening Take 2

We had some good luck last year with garlic and a few different types of onions, so we have expanded our winter garden 4 fold. Let's hope we get some yummy veg. Some of the seeds are 90day and some 120+.

4 beds of onions, garlic, winter lettuce, kale, peas and some other yummy wintery/early spring items. All seeds from Territorial Seed Company, we have always received nice seeds from them. They offer a decent amount of organic in their catalog.

So 3 rectangle raised beds, 1 circular ground bed and a few smaller side beds full of hopeful deliciousness. Hubby has most of the hoops up and that super thick plastic will be going over those hoops soon as evening temperatures are starting to get closer to the 30ΒΊ.

The hoops are PVC and semi-circle brackets that are attached to a wood panel insert in the bed. The circular hoop house is a bit more challenging and we feel like we have a good plan to make it work.

We also planted some winter wheat in 2 of our outside beds. We have had not gr…