Dirt Fest 2013!!!

After almost year of planning, booking, permitting (thank you Evan), booking, proof reading, beer wrangling, sponsorship organization and so on and so on. Dirt Fest. Riding bikes, drinking beer and riding bikes. Solid weekend.


First on the scene. 

Event boat for Epic and Rays to Lake ride. One now, 18 more to come.

Can never have too much firewood for this weekend.

Ray lent a hand to prep for the weekend. <3!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to assist with the women's skills clinics and rides. 

Sweeping the Night Ride! (Osprey was crazy, fun at night.)

Dirt Fest is always full of Fraken-bikes. Skid contests, tall bikes, reverse bikes, pit bike.... the list keeps going.

More photos and video to follow from Dirt Rag. In the end it was an amazing Dirt Fest. We impacted a lot of riders to more bikes, more trails, new adventures, new skills and new friends. Thanks to everyone who volunteered there personal time to make this happen and keep things flowing.  As well as the people who went above and beyond their "duties". 
Keep on riding!


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