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Happy Valentines Day 💝

For whatever it is worth, Happy Valentines Day! Tell yourself "I are amazing!", give yourself a high five and a hug. Life is challenging and everyday is full of reminders that we are imperfect. And that is OK! Being imperfect is what makes us unique, fun and interesting.

I love imperfections! Like my hubby's very broken-crooked nose, his dad-bod and his very heavy sarcasm. I love that my son doesn't know when to stop talking and that my daughter doesn't know when to stop worrying. I could nitpick everything I may not like about myself but it IS what makes, me.

Try and love yourself as much as possible.😘

No More Snow, All Hail Spring!

Woohoo! Spring is finally here in western PA and I'm overjoyed that I can send my kids outside for longer periods of time. Lots of adventure already happening and more planned ahead!

Like me, pretending I race mountain bikes. Please, I laugh and smile way too much to focus on going faster than other people. I did accomplish my first "real" drop at the Baker's Dozen in Leesburg, VA last month. Thanks to Jon Pratt for the photo.

 Plenty of pink, tiara cowboy hat wearing.

 Maybe an occasional disco helmet. Had a short and sweet visit to the Sea Otter Classic.

You can never hang out with Zero the Zombie Killer too much.

And some family tandem riding and touring happening, hopefully soon!
(Also, bear with me as I'm entertained with this whole Instagram thing.)
Stay tuned...


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