Grocery Cycling in the Snow.

Riding in the Snow is actually fun, for you non-believers out there.
I generally take out a mountain bike this time of year, bit I've also invested in some nice treaded 700c winter tires that are likely to last a few seasons for my touring bike.
The hubby and I try our best to grocery shop via bike as much as possible, it doesn't happen as much as we would like in the winter. Not because of the cold, but because we live in a suburban - "I own a big truck!" area. Taking the kids along is not an option even on backroads where careless and aggressive driving is common and babysitting isn't always available. We also just enjoy going together. Laughing at each other, as we attempt to slide down steep grass hills where I usually end up on my back in the snow.

Here is a quick breakdown of what I wear and manage to stay mostly dry and warm once my body temperature rises: Smart Wool base layer leggings, Modrobes base layer top (Smartwool offers tops also and they are really nice), plus cotton big box store leggings, cargo pants, a pair of thick wool socks, plus a pair of cycling socks, short sleeve wool jersey, long sleeve wool jersey, fleece Sheila Moon jacket, rain jacket, buff, hat/beanie, Pearl Izumi cold weather gloves and my waterproof hiking boots. I know, thats a lot of clothes. Consider, I am generally a very cold person, so I triple layer. When we get home, I strip down the outer layer and strut around in the 2 bottom layers, it's pretty sexy. Whats nice is I can throw a dress over these all black layers with my Merrell boots and look "presentable". Take that possible work destination!

The hubby has a really nice set of base layers from Pearl Izumi. This is all he wears, yes, it is a big investment. But, if you ride to the store instead of driving, that is quite a bit of not only gas money saved but lack of mileage put on your vehicle. I should hope that if you happen to join a gym, you certainly won't need to after doing this ride 3 times a week.
Hubby does most of the solo grocery adventures, him and Jones enjoy time alone. I don't question this.

Yes, it's cold. But it can be fun. If you don't already head out for a snow filled bike adventure occassionally, challenge yourself. I find it to be a more satisfying venture and makes shouting "I did it!" that much more fulfilling.


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