The Art of Spange.

Many, many moons ago, the hubby and I "spanged". Which just means we asked people for spare change. I squatted my way up the coast from southern California and almost made to Seattle, dog in tow. The hubby traveled around Europe, hanging out with Dick Lucas and drinking heavily in the streets. And we smelled, drank, went to concerts, attended protest in a fury of anger and enjoyed youth.

We kind of looked like this. Portlandia nailed it.

Today, while taking a large load of recyclables to the drop off, we had to stop for the hated but inevitable gas station. Two young adults were sitting in a nice car in the pump next to us, well... it was nicer than the car I had at 20yrs. They proceded to approach and tell the hubby that they were short on money and couldn't buy gas to get home, which I was fine with, been there, done that. What was not fine, was when the hubby asked for clarity "listen, what are you asking me for? money?" and the response was "money, or you could just swipe your card." Conversation over. 

My reaction to swipe comment.

As a retired crust punk I felt like I should have sat them down and given them a "spanging 101" course. #1. Never ask someone to "just swipe their card" #2. don't take a spot at a pump and inconvenience gas dwellers while trying to pry money from their already angry hands #3. Come up with a better reason for being stranded #4 stop it. 


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