Food Shopping with My Mini Me.

Last night my 10yr old daughter joined me in the ever challenging food shopping agenda. She was reading a book while leaning on the cart and "listening" to me. Both kids like to pick out the vegetables and fruit, on a side note; this method has worked wonders for when we go to eat the veg as well. "Hey, lets get out those green beans you picked and make them for dinner!" It so exciting! Let's see if that works when they are 16...

Quite a few months back the hubby taught "D", our daughters exciting nickname, to look at sugar quantity in ingredients. Let's just say it was a good lesson to learn. Thus the start of homemade honey nut cheerios and raisin bran.

Off we went to try and find food that have ingredients we could pronounce and did not have a shelf life that exceeded her age. After all the reading and getting grossed out, she now wants to help cook our own black beans, make our own soups and noodles.
Success! One point for Mom and Dad.
The biggest challenge was crackers and cheese. A household favorite. It took us a while but we succeed with rice crackers and some organic cheese. Phew, I would not have won that battle.

The boy.... he will be an entirely different challenge...


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