Chicken Brain.

Everybody should know by now that KFC tortures their chickens. The PETA campaigns, the demonstrations, etc. Some folks could care less, "its a chicken, who cares if its tortured." Thats totally fine, I eat chicken occasionally, its yummy. I want my own chicken so I can fatten it up and eat him.

If all the lovely photos of meat paste that make 70% of that fast food sandwich you ate the other day doesn't change your mind about how to perceive the food industry....

Pink Slime.

This nasty shit, just might.

KFC says they don't know of thats a brain or a kidney that made it pass the preparation process. Does it really matter or make any difference if it was a brain or a kidney? Um, no. It doesn't.

One lucky young man had the chance to look down into his 2 piece chicken lunch and find this. Kid has a stronger stomach than I. A Stand By Me, The Revenge of Lardass Logan moment.

Bad resolution, but if you haven't seen Stand By Me, its a really great flick.

Everybody throw up in their mouth a little? Okay, good. Stop eating that nasty fast food.


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