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Indoor Mountain Biking Date

The hubby and I had the accidental chance to indulge in a kid free retreat to Cleveland, OH this weekend, and play around at Ray’s IndoorMountain Bike Park. Cleveland reminds me a lot Pittsburgh, lots of little fun things to do they are just sprinkled about the city.
I have been to Ray’s once before, last year for the Women’s Weekend. I did a blog about it; you can check it out here. If you have an indoor mountain bike park near you go scope it out.  I only know of a few: The Lumberyard - Portland, OR;  Ray’s – Milwaukee & Cleveland, WI; and CranX – Syracuse, NY. Hopefully I can add The WheelMill – Pittsburgh, PA to this soon. Did I miss any...?

Pump Track!
While there I was able to play on the 2013 Trek Evo Lush and ride the cross-country course. I wouldn’t shy away if from playing on one of these outside.

Trek Evo Lush - Full Suspension Women's Specific bike.
A couple of key highlights for me when I head up to Cleveland are the West Side Market and Great Lakes Brewery. The Ma…

GoGirl Review!

I haven't done a blog post in a bit, but I did one for work. So, go check it out!

Snot & Cough Season

I must once again, hail the Buff. They are great for riding in the cold months; nose warmer, snot wiper and cough spewing shield. And! I got a new wool Buff for Christmas from the Hubby, cannot wait to cough, sweat and snot into it.

Winter is here. 
They also make great kid cough spewing shields and emergency snot rag for when they're at school. Plus, a great gift for friends/family who hunt in chilly weather.

Food Shopping with My Mini Me.

Last night my 10yr old daughter joined me in the ever challenging food shopping agenda. She was reading a book while leaning on the cart and "listening" to me. Both kids like to pick out the vegetables and fruit, on a side note; this method has worked wonders for when we go to eat the veg as well. "Hey, lets get out those green beans you picked and make them for dinner!" It so exciting! Let's see if that works when they are 16...

Quite a few months back the hubby taught "D", our daughters exciting nickname, to look at sugar quantity in ingredients. Let's just say it was a good lesson to learn. Thus the start of homemade honey nut cheerios and raisin bran.

Off we went to try and find food that have ingredients we could pronounce and did not have a shelf life that exceeded her age. After all the reading and getting grossed out, she now wants to help cook our own black beans, make our own soups and noodles.
Success! One point for Mom and Dad.
The big…

Chicken Brain.

Everybody should know by now that KFC tortures their chickens. The PETA campaigns, the demonstrations, etc. Some folks could care less, "its a chicken, who cares if its tortured." Thats totally fine, I eat chicken occasionally, its yummy. I want my own chicken so I can fatten it up and eat him.

If all the lovely photos of meat paste that make 70% of that fast food sandwich you ate the other day doesn't change your mind about how to perceive the food industry....

Pink Slime.

This nasty shit, just might.

KFC says they don't know of thats a brain or a kidney that made it pass the preparation process. Does it really matter or make any difference if it was a brain or a kidney? Um, no. It doesn't.

One lucky young man had the chance to look down into his 2 piece chicken lunch and find this. Kid has a stronger stomach than I. A Stand By Me, The Revenge of Lardass Logan moment.

Bad resolution, but if you haven't seen Stand By Me, its a really great flick.
Everybody th…

Eat your Vegetables Kid.

Raising kids is a challenge, they don't come with an instruction manual. Teaching them to eat healthy can be an even bigger challenge in a world of fancy packaging, cable tv (which we don't have but Grandma does) and not so healthy school friends.

The hubby has been trying to get me to eat healthy for years, I grew up on Spaghetti O's, frozen burritos, Doritos and salsa for breakfast, cheesecake for dinner, etc. After 12yrs of marriage, he finally started to succeed about a year and a half ago. Let's just say, no wonder I felt like shit all the time.

We live in an area where the school lunch lady called me once to tell me that my son was eating breakfast at school and wanted to make sure he was suppose to. Isn't that nice... except when we started talking about what he ate and the new healthy initiative changes to the food program. This statement made my jaw drop, "We don't have the sausage links wrapped in a pancake anymore. Poor kids, all they get is whe…

The Art of Spange.

Many, many moons ago, the hubby and I "spanged". Which just means we asked people for spare change. I squatted my way up the coast from southern California and almost made to Seattle, dog in tow. The hubby traveled around Europe, hanging out with Dick Lucas and drinking heavily in the streets. And we smelled, drank, went to concerts, attended protest in a fury of anger and enjoyed youth.

We kind of looked like this. Portlandia nailed it.
Today, while taking a large load of recyclables to the drop off, we had to stop for the hated but inevitable gas station. Two young adults were sitting in a nice car in the pump next to us, well... it was nicer than the car I had at 20yrs. They proceded to approach and tell the hubby that they were short on money and couldn't buy gas to get home, which I was fine with, been there, done that. What was not fine, was when the hubby asked for clarity "listen, what are you asking me for? money?" and the response was "money, or y…

2013. The "More" and "Less" List.

Yes. Resolutions, goals, improvements. I have a few.
The more list: Ride. Travel. Camp. Read. Blog.
The less list: Social networking. Making excuses. Overworking.
Sounds pretty easy.