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My delicious Porkchop!

Go check out my blog for Bicycle Times about the re-issued Timbuk2 Porkchop bag!

My Youth Part-time Home: Yuma, AZ

I have had a few folks ask me to blog about my youth. Here is a little peek:

About a month ago, my younger sister and I ventured out to Yuma to visit family.  I spent my summers and part of winter break visiting my Dad and Grandma, from toddler years through teen.

It had been 4 years since my last visit. My Grandma (Aubelita) had just started her 88th year. The Dementia made for a bitter-sweet visit. Having to tell her every 15-20 minutes who I was and seeing her excitement every time was both sad and a joy.

Yuma is about 30 miles from the Mexican-border, my Grandmother’s father immigrated to Colorado during the Revolutionary War, her life eventually led her to California, then Arizona. I am 3rd generation Mexican-Indian from Grams. (I won't get into the fact that I am also, Dutch, German and Polish).  I was always very close to Grandma during our summer visits, spending more time at her place then my Dads. Her door was always open to any family member no matter how they treated …