Sock Snob.

Once I started wearing bike socks on a regular basis that is all I could wear. Cotton is no longer tolerable. (Wool is good also.) I realized the other day my bike sock collection is progressing quite nicely.

My very first pair of bike socks with Fidel the cat who also loves bike socks and wool.
Got these back in my messenger days, I think in 1999...

After I came to this sock snobbery realization, of course I needed to test it. So, today... I wore cotton socks. All. Day. It was traumatizing. My feet will not forgive me for at least 24 hours. 
What is even more entertaining for me is how some of these socks are coveted, I hold out on wearing them like your typical fashionista with her favorite purse. "I am wearing "these" socks. Totally hot, right? Sets off my whole ensemble."

Cock socks, I gifted to my hubby for obvious reasons. Evil socks are my favorite. 
Livestock and sexy trucker man are 2 new pairs I picked up at Interbike.

I can't be the only cyclist out their who has this sock problem. I need to join bike socks anonymous. 


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