No Cell Phones Allowed

I continue to see children with cell phones. I'm talking young children, ages 5-13 years.
It's understandable that parents see this as a reassurance, a sort of lojack for their kids. In an era where every terrible thing that happens in the world is posted on the inter web then reposted a thousand times over on social networks, no wonder we are an era or paranoid parents. 

What's brought up this topic? My 10 year old daughter having several friends who own cell phones. 
Darby has stated to me several times that she doesn't want one (or a car), we will see how long that lasts. My husband, Stephen, and I are in full agreement that 16 is the age we will allow it (and a tv in the room). Let's see if we stick to that in 6 years. 
Having a teenager on the home front and seeing her co-dependency with her phone while accepting my own cell phone addiction, I can't imagine what kind of effects smart phones will have on the next generation. 

Vicki the Robot - Small Wonder by Ryan Savas

*Let's start with the inability to memorize. How many of of us use to actually remember phone numbers?

*There is a debate on the effects texting and IM-ing has on verbal and writing skills. 

*There's also the argument that texting/ social networking positively impacts an overall greater connectedness, but while doing that its also subjecting youth to increased scrutiny and vulnerability while they are still trying to figure out who they are.

*How about the fact that it is furthering another status symbol in schools. This starts as early as elementary schools, which is ridiculous and just sad. The whole; who has the newest phone, most expensive shoes, swooshiest hair, furriest boots, orangest tan etc.

*Obviously there is an addiction problem. Studies are showing the typical after effects of addiction: depression, anxiety, an inability to express emotions. (Except in emoticon format of course.)

Let's tap into the overuse by adults, who are neglecting their children. We've all seen parents do this. Kids are fighting for attention, the competition, your phone.

For now, I am standing my ground on the no cell phone for my kids until they are 16. I also enforce a 930pm. no electronics rule Sun.-Thurs. for the teenager. There's no cell phones at the dinner table and my kids have the right to holler at me.

It's crazy to think 10 years ago, I did not own a cell phone and I didn't want one. Now, when I forget it or the battery dies a sense of panic set in and I want to start smoking again. 
My name is Trina, I am addicted to my cell phone and I'm also an occasional hypocrite.
Hi! Trina!


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