Lady Time and Long Distance Bicycling, Hiking,...

For any guys out there who may actually start to read this post, pass it on to any woman you happen to have an open enough relationship with to hear, "I can't go on a 15+ mile ride! Because...y'know, I'm a woman." Or something close to that.
However you want to to word it, once a month being a lady sucks.
Here it is.
The Diva Cup.
The secret to surviving a long distance ride, hike or whatever without panic when your menstrual cycle makes its unwanted appearance.

This was not sent to me from the company, I have been using cups on and off for 9 years.
It's is a silicone bell shape. And yes it does go "in there" aka your vagina.

All hail the triangle.

The Diva holds one full ounce (30ml) of flowage, the average woman flows about 30-40ml per cycle.  What this means is you can wear the Diva for a maximum of 12hrs depending on your cycle.
I've been on 3+hr mountain bike rides, 20+mile family rides with no worries. And, you can still pee while wearing the Diva, so you can squat in the woods and get your business done.

Slymenstra Hymen, Lady of Gwar.. If you ever had the opportunity to see her in concert she was in serious need of a Diva.

I really don't want to get into all the details of removal and emptying of it, just know it is very hands on and you cannot use this if you fear your lady junk. I recommend either picking up some carefree style pantyliners or luna pads, just in case. I use them anyway when I know I might have to squat in the woods.
Make sure to have a water bottle with you (whatever type) when you are on excursions. You need to rinse out the "icks" after you dump them in the toilet.
The Diva is amazing.  I highly recommend it not only for reasons listed above but the fact that you do not have to purchase products every month.


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