A Bikepacking Date

Last weekend the hubby and I had an extended date night. My Mother-Inlaw was kind enough to drive 5 hours in torrential down pour to spend the weekend with her grand-kids so we could venture out.
Of course it forecasted thunderstorms everyday and night. We went anyways. A date is a date, when you have 2 kids and a babysitter lined up... enough said.

Panniers and frame bags packed full; 2 sleeping bags, one sleeping pad, 1 hammock w/ fly, 2 person tent, Jetboil, a little food (we planned to enjoy some local cuisine) rain jackets, a set of dry clothes, spare tube, and some tools.

My bike weighed about 50lbs and it was challenging to ride at first. Lucky for me I have experience hauling 30-50lbs of weight that are my children, so it didn't take long to get use to.
The first leg was fun and exciting, we stopped 18 miles in on The Great Allegheny Passage at an RV camping lot who accommodated the trail riders with bike racks and food. Split a cheeseburger and onion rings. Only 19 miles to go....
La, la, la, tree canopy, little fluffy rabbits, groundhogs as big as bull dogs, admiring peoples garden's.

The last 5 miles the trail up to camping could not come soon enough, worried, I told the hubby to ride ahead and make sure we get a bottle of wine before they close. Priorities.
Food, wine. Belly full of deliciousness.

The trail to the campsites is uphill and full of medium size rocks. You can ride up it, if you have a mountain bike. Of course it had been raining off and on all day so it felt like it took me an hour to push this bike full of (at that point) "crap". It probably took me 10 minutes.
We managed to have a lull in the rain while we hurried to put up the tent and hammock.
Finish off the bottle of wine around the fire.

I now call campers with multiple lanterns and lights, "pod people". Long story. But, pod people are entertaining, lanterns at full force, fire raging 2-3 feet high, headlamps on... you can see and hear everything they do. Meh, Comme ci, Comme รงa.

Best hubby quote of the night, "camping and sex go together like peanuts butter and cocaine."

It thunder stormed all night, thank goodness for waterproof tents. Forecast called for more thunderstorms all day and throughout the night again. Knowing the trail condition was only going to get worse, we packed in all our wet gear, went to town for breakfast and headed home.

Even with the occasional downpour, a muddy arse and some sore sit bones, the adventure compensated with amazing scenery, jokes aplenty, delicious food, and local wine. 


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