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Much too much.

I must continue to emphasize my inability to consistently write this blog. Meh. Here we go anyways. Brace yourself for the quick sum up of April & May Adventures.
In April, myself and a posse of work folk flew out near Monterey, CA to attend The Sea Otter Classic. Where I had the chance to see a few 27.5 / 650b prototypes and engage in intense conversations on the where the future of this new size will go. I was very disappointed to not attend any of the races that occurred and plan to change that next year. Most of the industry folks stay in hotels, not Dirt Rag, we embrace the poison ivy filled camping that surrounds the event, while consuming beer and dried kelp. 

Ellen and I ready for the weekend. That's my happy face and Ellen's metal face.
One of the coolest parts to that weekend was being invited to a sushi dinner with Sidi and spending all night chatting with Paolo Bettini. I am not "in the know" when it comes to the race / podium world. After spending all n…