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Seattle. The last of a 12 day adventure.

The final 3 days on a 12 day business trip was spent in Seattle. Lucky enough we had a great resource for good food and beer. Thank you Sally!

I have never been a cyclist who prepared for rain. If I have a rain jacket on me, I wear it. If not, I get wet. Seattle averages 71 sunny days a year and averages 38"'s of rain per year. While Pittsburgh, where I am currently living, gets 59 sunny days a year and 36.9"s of rain. Seems easy to me, to be able to survive Seattle weather after living in the 'burgh for the past 9 years. Yes it was slightly rainy and overcast the entire time, but really, it was not that bad.
The bike lanes in downtown Seattle were impressive from start to finish. Lanes that were routed around bus stops; bike lanes that kept the right hook in mind, and just bike lanes. Enough said.
One difference about Seattle in comparison to San Francisco is you can detour around the hills to find an easier route. The entire city of Seattle seems to be perched on t…

Easter Weekend.

Took kids to visit grandparents and aunt. check.
Easter Mommy visited the house for annual spoiling. check. Bike ride in the woods. check. Over indulged in delicious ham and pineapple. check. Chocolate consumed. check.
Another triumphant weekend.