From San Francisco to Eugene

I have come to realize, I need to reduce the amount of time i spend on my blog posts, so I can actually put them out on a semi-consistent basis. So, here it goes.
While on my 12 day adventure, I stayed over in Emeryville, right outside of San Franscisco and was able to borrow a bike and take a ferry into the city to visit Timbuk2. Of course, I got lost.

My excitement over bike racks on the ferry made the other 2 cyclist give me worried eyes.

Millenium Falcon TugBoat.

The bike paths in SF were very useful, but seemed to make me take detours rather than face the epic hills. I was riding a 20" wheel folding bike, so I didn't mind the detours, except I was running late due to my lack of any sense of direction. I finally mad fit Timbuk2, where I had the opportunity to get a tour of their office. Which I should have a blog post on the Bicycle Times website soon with details.

Finally made it.

I then attempted to venture back to the lovely home I was staying at in Emeryville. Stopping multiple times to make sure I was heading the right way, onto the BART and back to my one night home.

Next stop, Chico. Where I had the chance to tour Paul's Components. Attempt to not drool or beg for new brakes or any other amazing componentry was achieved!

Paul makes everything right in Chico, CA. He and his team are amazing.

You can't go to Chico and not stop at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Love the bike racks.

Last stop was Eugene, OR. I called up an old friend to stay with. Wish I would have had more time with her and her main squeeze, but I take what i can get.
Eugene has a great bike trail system. Almost every corner we turned had a bike trail of the road or a bike lane. I found my retirement city. 

A visit to Co-Motion.

Right across town is Bike Friday.

I had the opportunity to ride a Biek Friday Tikit - 16" wheel travel bike.

We couldn't resist wall riding on these bikes!

To be cont'd in Portland....


  1. I visited SF last year on my folding bike. I know what you mean about the bike paths - there were times when I left them though to try the epic hills. Not as bad as I would have thought (although my bike also has 700c wheels, so maybe that makes a difference).

  2. Alex, how do you like the Montague?


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