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From San Francisco to Eugene

I have come to realize, I need to reduce the amount of time i spend on my blog posts, so I can actually put them out on a semi-consistent basis. So, here it goes.
While on my 12 day adventure, I stayed over in Emeryville, right outside of San Franscisco and was able to borrow a bike and take a ferry into the city to visit Timbuk2. Of course, I got lost.

My excitement over bike racks on the ferry made the other 2 cyclist give me worried eyes.
Millenium Falcon TugBoat.
The bike paths in SF were very useful, but seemed to make me take detours rather than face the epic hills. I was riding a 20" wheel folding bike, so I didn't mind the detours, except I was running late due to my lack of any sense of direction. I finally mad fit Timbuk2, where I had the opportunity to get a tour of their office. Which I should have a blog post on the Bicycle Times website soon with details.
Finally made it.
I then attempted to venture back to the lovely home I was staying at in Emeryville. Stopping m…

12 days.

For twelve days I went on a business adventure.
I had a bit of a dilemma with my camera settings, thanks to Justin Steiner and his amazing photo knowledge, I finally have access to my photos!
It started on March 1st, getting onto a plane at 7am with a few of the Bicycle Times/ Dirt Rag posse. Heading to North American Handmade Bicycle Show being held in Sacramento, CA. Although I grew up partially in the cities of Ventura & Ojai, CA I had never made it to Sacramento. Its California. Slightly overcast, chilly in the shade & warm in the sun.
While the skilled and very knowledgable Editors and Photographers made their plans on first interviews and photos, I set up our amazing new booth. After years of laying out visually appealing/ foot stopping retail stores, I was excited to be part of a merchandising creation again.
Watch out for that guy under the table.  
Thursday night we were sponsor of ArtBike! a call to artist who incorporate bicycles into their art. These were the top th…