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Women, bikes and beer. - all but the end.

To sum it all up. I rode some bikes, drank beer and hung out with a bunch of amazing women.
I highly recommend talking to your fellow lady cyclists and convincing them that, the whole mountain bike thing looks pretty darn fun and worth trying. Riding with a posse of ladies. Always a good time.
Here are a few more shots.
The pre-gathering of ladies, of where to go and what its all about.

Skwisgaar. The Cleveland Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park cat.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf & Toki Wartooth for those of you who wonder where the cat got his name, this is my best guess. Dethklock.

The exciting Cleveland Wizard. 

Me being excited about said Wizard.

Great Lakes Brewery. Yummy food, great service.

Women, bikes and beer. - beating a mental block

When riding into the Beginner Room my first thought was "crap. this should be interesting."
The first thing the coaches recommended we do are narrow wooden slats called skinny's. Some had twist's and turns, one with half a log in the middle and one with a nice dip, all of them were about 3-5 feet in distance to ride.  The technique: look ahead not your feet! I started with a 2 flat pieces of wood on the ground, did that a few times,onto the next one. Then progressed to each one as I felt comfortable.  Here is a shot my friend Emily took and I stole from the facebook.  Thanks Emily! 
It took me about 10 try's over 2 days to be able to do this one a few times in a row, and pulled it about 2 hrs. before we left Sat. Persistence.  One of the mental blocks I have is going down "steep" drop in's. I have this vision I am going to just tip forward and land on my face. So I asked the coach for a tip on how I can triumph over this. Her response was as I expec…

Women, bikes and beer. - The bunny hills.

I've decided to write this weekend's adventure as a sort of, level by level in the rooms / areas I was willing to ride in.
Friday morning started with the woman coaches give a quick sum up of where each skill level of rider should go. I am always apprehensive in a new environment, especially one that involves me being daring in front of a group of other people. That seem to be a common amongst quite a few of the ladies.
Off I went to find, what I declared as, the bunny hill room. First was a flat room with some figure eights and a practice crash pad, where 2 coaches were helping the ladies adjust their brakes to fit their hand size and seat post. Most of the rental bikes (and some that ladies had borrowed) are set up for men. As beginners most people, not just women, don't relize that the placement of your brake levers is much different for a smaller hand than for a larger and makes your ride more comfortable and easier to grab that brake lever when needed.

Each of these n…

It's a Ladies Weekend.

A few of the ladies of Dirt Rag are heading out to Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park tonight, for a fun filled weekend of riding. There are set woman's only hours. I'm really interested to see how many men turn out during the non-woman only hours, in search of a woman who has any kind of interest in riding a bicycle. Which makes me feel like I should have had jerseys made for the ladies stating, "Sorry, but my sweet ass is taken. Have a nice ride."
This is also my first experience at an indoor mountain bike park. I'm half expecting it to be similar to an indoor skate park, which I have been to years ago. As I have said before, I am not a highly experienced Mountain Biker, so it ill be fun and interesting to see how long it takes for me to crash. Something I normally do. I have a "I can do that." mentality, when I really "can't do that".

It's Valentines day. Well, almost.

The hubby and I do not exchange gifts for this holiday. We never really have in our years together, maybe 2 days after the fact just to spite the evil of forced consumerism.
Even my kids have to bring red hearted candy to the class "heart" party.  Yup, heart party. So even the non-holiday-religious kids can participate in this mass of purchasing. Sure, I'm negative, but not anti-holiday, more anti-spending of useless crap. Like a monkey with a heart, stuffed toy, that gets shoved in your closet after a week of it being on your dresser.
This might be the acception. Awww. It's cute and offensive all wrapped up into one package.
I don't know what I would do with it... let it get buried under a pile of crap in my room. Isn't that sweet.
Wait a second. I'm a liar. The hubby has given me a couple paintings before on the Valentine day. I don't think I have made anything for him. Is that rude? Eh. He doesn't seem to care. Lucky me.

On a side note. I do ha…