it's cold outside.

After a few nice spring-like days, winter is finally here. Ho-hum.
It's 20degrees here in Pittsburgh and very little snow on the ground.  What to do with these kids... I don't let mine watch more than a few hours of tv a day, which is usually a library movie. I don't believe in paying for television or letting toy companies force their "have to have it" upon my children.
I am a sucker for rpg video games though, which is just as bad as the telly. So I also, have to control myself. Outside of limiting "the box" time, which includes the computer, what do I do with my kids for the next few months?!
let them ride in the house!

I am fortunate enough to have wood floors and an ability to clear out things to create a raceway and enough room for me to ride in circles as well.

If there is enough snow outside to play in. Send their cute little arses out in it! (In weather appropriate clothes of course.) It may take 20minutes to get all the snow clothes on, and they may only play outside for 30minutes, but it's 30 minutes of quiet in the house and they come back in with less pent up energy. Kids with too much pent up energy can turn into a little fight club and at times small horns grow from their head.
Holy Crafts Batman!
My friend made this awesome mask for my son this X-mas.
A little bit of felt, velcro, elastic and some mild sewing. Bam! A Super Hero emerges from the depths of their imagination.
My daughter makes friendship bracelets, or  draws characters for stories she thinks of, reads, draws, etc.
Between Instructables and Martha at hand. We don't even have to think up our own ideas anymore, we can just steal someone else's.


If you can afford it and you have a museum/ zoo/ educational facility nearby, buy a family pass. This saves me every season.
We pick one pass a year. Either the zoo (we do go in the winter, bundled up. The cats are more active and the aquarium is where we spend most of our time), the Conservatory or the Carnegie Museum pass. We went with the museum pass this year. It's $130 for 2 adults, 4 kids and a caregiver. It may seem steep, but when general admission is between $18-$22 and you go more than once, you have gotten your money's worth.
If you are within driving's distance to Pittsburgh, the Carnegie pass includes: the Science Center, The Museum of History, Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Museum. Well worth it in my eyes. We purchased it Jan. 1st. Spent the day at the Science Center, the following Friday went to the Andy Warhol for the Alex Ross show and then the History Center yesterday to see dinosaurs and dead animals in jars.

Don't let winter give you the blues, it's a great time to get all crafty.
I plan on making this Aqaubats Anti-Negativy Helmet

This would make a great cyclocross outfit!


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