Get a brake!

The other day I had to drive into the city to meet a guy about a fondo (more info later).
I was driving around back to find the entrance to the parking structure, doing about 5mph, I knew the entrance was close. A blind corner just ahead, a fixie zips around the corner, in my lane at a faster speed than I was going. He did a quick skid, came about 2 inches from my hood, a gleeful look on his face and kept going. I'm sure he was stoked he evaded what could have resulted in some scrapes and bruises and possibly a concussion on his non-helmeted head.
After his skid out, as he rolled past my window, like an old man, I yelled at him, "Get a brake!". 
My first thought was, that kid would be really pissed if we had collided. Not because he might have injured himself, but I could have damaged his bike. 
I have been hit and I was lucky to be able to walk away. But, my first reaction was "Is my bike ok?!"
Seems like a strange reaction to some. For those of us, who go as far as to give our bikes pet names... well. It's not so strange.


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