for the love of buff

Recently I have become attached to a buff. I've always looked at them and thought... what the heck would I do with that? It started with using it as a headband every so often on mountain bike rides. Somewhat useful, another hair accessory. 
Than it happened. Bronchitis. Coughing all over the place, I pondered getting a surgical mask to keep my illness from plaguing others. But... I get enough attention from folks being a mom with tattoos and a septum piercing. 
Then I saw it. Laying in in the pile that is my bike clothes basket. Buff. 
I dedicate these haiku's to you buff.

Not spewing my germs,
Like a Japanese face mask,
Holder of the snot.
Keeping away the sweat,
oh so crusty on cold days,
Hide me from the wind.

I'm sure it doesn't keep all germs at bay, but I feel like my cough spittle is flinging at anyone. yeah!
For short rides it  makes an okay bike mask, there are no ventilation holes for any serious riding. It is also great for runny noses for those of us who can't handle the legendary snot rocket.


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