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Happy Valentines Day 💝

For whatever it is worth, Happy Valentines Day! Tell yourself "I are amazing!", give yourself a high five and a hug. Life is challenging and everyday is full of reminders that we are imperfect. And that is OK! Being imperfect is what makes us unique, fun and interesting.

I love imperfections! Like my hubby's very broken-crooked nose, his dad-bod and his very heavy sarcasm. I love that my son doesn't know when to stop talking and that my daughter doesn't know when to stop worrying. I could nitpick everything I may not like about myself but it IS what makes, me.

Try and love yourself as much as possible.😘

cold rides ahead

After all these lovely and unexpected, Dec. 50-degree days, winter is finally here. Ho-hum. The temp high is 30 (if we are lucky) and the snow has settled in to stay for the next few months. It is time to pull out the winter gear and go ahead and pre-apologize to my toes and fingers for the winter beating they will take.
Bring on the layering! First layer: Smartwool womans microweight bottoms, Modrobes eucalyptex base tee (currently reviewing for Bicycle Times more details in issue #16), a pair of BT sock guy socks. Layer #2: Royal Robbins convertible pants made of cotton/ canvas blend, Sheila Moon hooded jersey fleece jacket (details in issue #16 also), Alaskin Nits wool socks, my BT buff & winter riding hat. Layer #3: Modrobes ladies riding jacket (issue #16), pearl izumi womans riding gloves & my nutcase helmet.

Surprisingly, it only took me about 15 minutes to put all these clothes on. I had it all premeditated the night before, that helped immensely.
I neglected putting on treaded tires to the commuter bike I am currently riding / reviewing. I forget the new roads I ride are not "bike friendly". Its a mini highway where cars do about 45+ mph. An advantage is a 2 foot shoulder space, but it's filled with snow and sludge this time of year. Of course I slipped, and actually bruised my boob of all things. Which is extremely difficult to do. No, i will not be posting a picture. Sorry. Otherwise the ride was brisk and fun. The occasional non-car moments left a serene silence and moments of bicycle bliss.
On another note. My only female co-worker, Karen (editor for BT), gave me these awesome ear warmers.

They sit on your ears as an extra layer under your beanie and they come with a nifty bag!
I have had ear surgeries since I was 3 and I have to put cotton in my ears so I don't get infections all the time. Her Mom apparently rules and gave her 2 pairs and she parted with one. awww, right? Some people are still nice in this world? I guess so.


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