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Get a brake!

The other day I had to drive into the city to meet a guy about a fondo (more info later).
I was driving around back to find the entrance to the parking structure, doing about 5mph, I knew the entrance was close. A blind corner just ahead, a fixie zips around the corner, in my lane at a faster speed than I was going. He did a quick skid, came about 2 inches from my hood, a gleeful look on his face and kept going. I'm sure he was stoked he evaded what could have resulted in some scrapes and bruises and possibly a concussion on his non-helmeted head. After his skid out, as he rolled past my window, like an old man, I yelled at him, "Get a brake!".  My first thought was, that kid would be really pissed if we had collided. Not because he might have injured himself, but I could have damaged his bike.  I have been hit and I was lucky to be able to walk away. But, my first reaction was "Is my bike ok?!" Seems like a strange reaction to some. For those of us, who go as …

who needs a hug.

Seems as though a lot of people I have been talking to lately need hugs. Is this happening everywhere... Is it hug season. Crap. I haven't prepared. Where's that hugging machine...

Well. That's just creepy. Who wants hug?

it's cold outside.

After a few nice spring-like days, winter is finally here. Ho-hum.
It's 20degrees here in Pittsburgh and very little snow on the ground.  What to do with these kids... I don't let mine watch more than a few hours of tv a day, which is usually a library movie. I don't believe in paying for television or letting toy companies force their "have to have it" upon my children.
I am a sucker for rpg video games though, which is just as bad as the telly. So I also, have to control myself. Outside of limiting "the box" time, which includes the computer, what do I do with my kids for the next few months?!
let them ride in the house!

I am fortunate enough to have wood floors and an ability to clear out things to create a raceway and enough room for me to ride in circles as well.

If there is enough snow outside to play in. Send their cute little arses out in it! (In weather appropriate clothes of course.) It may take 20minutes to get all the snow clothes on…

what stress?

Today was a one of those days, when you have so much crammed into one day, you can't think straight. When my work day reached it's end, I was ecstatic to get on my bike.
I slowly changed into my base layers, while waiting for a few last minute papers to come my way before I could skedaddle. Papers in hand. Off I go! A new Niterider light clamped on my bars illuminating the way. Even with the occasional car zipping by too closely or too fast, all the stress of the day dissipates and I can only think about the sound of my wheels on the pavement and how fast I get down hills. 

for the love of buff

Recently I have become attached to a buff. I've always looked at them and thought... what the heck would I do with that? It started with using it as a headband every so often on mountain bike rides. Somewhat useful, another hair accessory.  Than it happened. Bronchitis. Coughing all over the place, I pondered getting a surgical mask to keep my illness from plaguing others. But... I get enough attention from folks being a mom with tattoos and a septum piercing.  Then I saw it. Laying in in the pile that is my bike clothes basket. Buff.  I dedicate these haiku's to you buff.
Not spewing my germs, Like a Japanese face mask, Holder of the snot. Or... Keeping away the sweat, oh so crusty on cold days, Hide me from the wind.

I'm sure it doesn't keep all germs at bay, but I feel like my cough spittle is flinging at anyone. yeah! For short rides it  makes an okay bike mask, there are no ventilation holes for any serious riding. It is also great for runny noses for those of us…

cold rides ahead

After all these lovely and unexpected, Dec. 50-degree days, winter is finally here. Ho-hum. The temp high is 30 (if we are lucky) and the snow has settled in to stay for the next few months. It is time to pull out the winter gear and go ahead and pre-apologize to my toes and fingers for the winter beating they will take.
Bring on the layering! First layer: Smartwool womans microweight bottoms, Modrobes eucalyptex base tee (currently reviewing for Bicycle Times more details in issue #16), a pair of BT sock guy socks. Layer #2: Royal Robbins convertible pants made of cotton/ canvas blend, Sheila Moon hooded jersey fleece jacket (details in issue #16 also), Alaskin Nits wool socks, my BT buff & winter riding hat. Layer #3: Modrobes ladies riding jacket (issue #16), pearl izumi womans riding gloves & my nutcase helmet.

Surprisingly, it only took me about 15 minutes to put all these clothes on. I had it all premeditated the night before, that helped immensely.
I neglected putting o…

windy new year

A new year is generally a time of reflection and resolutions. I do not generally do resolutions, but I reflect on what I have learned from my mistakes and where I triumphed. With having kids who are coming of an age where they need to think about carving their own paths. It seems it was a good year for all of us to start.
More camping, biking, music and reading was the common consensus. Dully noted and easy to obtain.
Started off the new year at the science center with the fam, a bike ride with the hubby that included a beer pit stop, a bit of rain and same pedal stopping headwind.
Tomorrows ride is looking like wind and snow. Put the base layer and jacket I'm reviewing to the test.