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My delicious Porkchop!

Go check out my blog for Bicycle Times about the re-issued Timbuk2 Porkchop bag!

My Youth Part-time Home: Yuma, AZ

I have had a few folks ask me to blog about my youth. Here is a little peek:

About a month ago, my younger sister and I ventured out to Yuma to visit family.  I spent my summers and part of winter break visiting my Dad and Grandma, from toddler years through teen.

It had been 4 years since my last visit. My Grandma (Aubelita) had just started her 88th year. The Dementia made for a bitter-sweet visit. Having to tell her every 15-20 minutes who I was and seeing her excitement every time was both sad and a joy.

Yuma is about 30 miles from the Mexican-border, my Grandmother’s father immigrated to Colorado during the Revolutionary War, her life eventually led her to California, then Arizona. I am 3rd generation Mexican-Indian from Grams. (I won't get into the fact that I am also, Dutch, German and Polish).  I was always very close to Grandma during our summer visits, spending more time at her place then my Dads. Her door was always open to any family member no matter how they treated …

Jack-o-Lantern Bike Lights

Don't forget to utilize your bike lights this Halloween for jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating and any other bike or non-bike shenanigans. You get the added bonus of flash mode for an extra spooky effect.

Any good bike costumes out there this year? Or going on a Halloween bike ride?!

Sock Snob.

Once I started wearing bike socks on a regular basis that is all I could wear. Cotton is no longer tolerable. (Wool is good also.) I realized the other day my bike sock collection is progressing quite nicely.

My very first pair of bike socks with Fidel the cat who also loves bike socks and wool. Got these back in my messenger days, I think in 1999...
After I came to this sock snobbery realization, of course I needed to test it. So, today... I wore cotton socks. All. Day. It was traumatizing. My feet will not forgive me for at least 24 hours.  What is even more entertaining for me is how some of these socks are coveted, I hold out on wearing them like your typical fashionista with her favorite purse. "I am wearing "these" socks. Totally hot, right? Sets off my whole ensemble."
Cock socks, I gifted to my hubby for obvious reasons. Evil socks are my favorite.  Livestock and sexy trucker man are 2 new pairs I picked up at Interbike.
I can't be the only cyclist out thei…

Party Exiting - Secret Phrase's

For whatever reason there's some kind of faux pas about just saying "Hey everybody, I'm tired, I'm going home and I'm taking my drunk husband with me."

Some couples/ friends might use a wink of the eye, maybe a ding tap, or the easy way and just text each other when they are ready to exit the building. After a few drinks with the hubby last night we came up with some amazing secret phrases to use at parties. Any of these will be completely unsuspecting of other part go-ers or hosts.
#1. I would like to play Scrabble on the porch, in the summer.
#2. Senator Palpatine is the Emperor.
#3. The Emperor wants to play Scrabble on Hoth.
#4. Hoth is said to be pleasant in the spring.
#5. The Black Knight always triumphs.

These are solid. Use a little 'wink. wink. nudge. nudge.' if you have to, but I don't think you'll need to. 

No Cell Phones Allowed

I continue to see children with cell phones. I'm talking young children, ages 5-13 years.
It's understandable that parents see this as a reassurance, a sort of lojack for their kids. In an era where every terrible thing that happens in the world is posted on the inter web then reposted a thousand times over on social networks, no wonder we are an era or paranoid parents. 

What's brought up this topic? My 10 year old daughter having several friends who own cell phones.  Darby has stated to me several times that she doesn't want one (or a car), we will see how long that lasts. My husband, Stephen, and I are in full agreement that 16 is the age we will allow it (and a tv in the room). Let's see if we stick to that in 6 years.  Having a teenager on the home front and seeing her co-dependency with her phone while accepting my own cell phone addiction, I can't imagine what kind of effects smart phones will have on the next generation. 
Vicki the Robot - Small Wonder b…

Lady Time and Long Distance Bicycling, Hiking,...

For any guys out there who may actually start to read this post, pass it on to any woman you happen to have an open enough relationship with to hear, "I can't go on a 15+ mile ride! Because...y'know, I'm a woman." Or something close to that.
However you want to to word it, once a month being a lady sucks.
Here it is.
The Diva Cup.
The secret to surviving a long distance ride, hike or whatever without panic when your menstrual cycle makes its unwanted appearance.

This was not sent to me from the company, I have been using cups on and off for 9 years.
It's is a silicone bell shape. And yes it does go "in there" aka your vagina.

All hail the triangle.
The Diva holds one full ounce (30ml) of flowage, the average woman flows about 30-40ml per cycle.  What this means is you can wear the Diva for a maximum of 12hrs depending on your cycle.
I've been on 3+hr mountain bike rides, 20+mile family rides with no worries. And, you can still pee while wearing th…

A Bikepacking Date

Last weekend the hubby and I had an extended date night. My Mother-Inlaw was kind enough to drive 5 hours in torrential down pour to spend the weekend with her grand-kids so we could venture out.
Of course it forecasted thunderstorms everyday and night. We went anyways. A date is a date, when you have 2 kids and a babysitter lined up... enough said.

Panniers and frame bags packed full; 2 sleeping bags, one sleeping pad, 1 hammock w/ fly, 2 person tent, Jetboil, a little food (we planned to enjoy some local cuisine) rain jackets, a set of dry clothes, spare tube, and some tools.

My bike weighed about 50lbs and it was challenging to ride at first. Lucky for me I have experience hauling 30-50lbs of weight that are my children, so it didn't take long to get use to.
The first leg was fun and exciting, we stopped 18 miles in on The Great Allegheny Passage at an RV camping lot who accommodated the trail riders with bike racks and food. Split a cheeseburger and onion rings. Only 19 miles …

Much too much.

I must continue to emphasize my inability to consistently write this blog. Meh. Here we go anyways. Brace yourself for the quick sum up of April & May Adventures.
In April, myself and a posse of work folk flew out near Monterey, CA to attend The Sea Otter Classic. Where I had the chance to see a few 27.5 / 650b prototypes and engage in intense conversations on the where the future of this new size will go. I was very disappointed to not attend any of the races that occurred and plan to change that next year. Most of the industry folks stay in hotels, not Dirt Rag, we embrace the poison ivy filled camping that surrounds the event, while consuming beer and dried kelp. 

Ellen and I ready for the weekend. That's my happy face and Ellen's metal face.
One of the coolest parts to that weekend was being invited to a sushi dinner with Sidi and spending all night chatting with Paolo Bettini. I am not "in the know" when it comes to the race / podium world. After spending all n…

Seattle. The last of a 12 day adventure.

The final 3 days on a 12 day business trip was spent in Seattle. Lucky enough we had a great resource for good food and beer. Thank you Sally!

I have never been a cyclist who prepared for rain. If I have a rain jacket on me, I wear it. If not, I get wet. Seattle averages 71 sunny days a year and averages 38"'s of rain per year. While Pittsburgh, where I am currently living, gets 59 sunny days a year and 36.9"s of rain. Seems easy to me, to be able to survive Seattle weather after living in the 'burgh for the past 9 years. Yes it was slightly rainy and overcast the entire time, but really, it was not that bad.
The bike lanes in downtown Seattle were impressive from start to finish. Lanes that were routed around bus stops; bike lanes that kept the right hook in mind, and just bike lanes. Enough said.
One difference about Seattle in comparison to San Francisco is you can detour around the hills to find an easier route. The entire city of Seattle seems to be perched on t…

Easter Weekend.

Took kids to visit grandparents and aunt. check.
Easter Mommy visited the house for annual spoiling. check. Bike ride in the woods. check. Over indulged in delicious ham and pineapple. check. Chocolate consumed. check.
Another triumphant weekend.

From San Francisco to Eugene

I have come to realize, I need to reduce the amount of time i spend on my blog posts, so I can actually put them out on a semi-consistent basis. So, here it goes.
While on my 12 day adventure, I stayed over in Emeryville, right outside of San Franscisco and was able to borrow a bike and take a ferry into the city to visit Timbuk2. Of course, I got lost.

My excitement over bike racks on the ferry made the other 2 cyclist give me worried eyes.
Millenium Falcon TugBoat.
The bike paths in SF were very useful, but seemed to make me take detours rather than face the epic hills. I was riding a 20" wheel folding bike, so I didn't mind the detours, except I was running late due to my lack of any sense of direction. I finally mad fit Timbuk2, where I had the opportunity to get a tour of their office. Which I should have a blog post on the Bicycle Times website soon with details.
Finally made it.
I then attempted to venture back to the lovely home I was staying at in Emeryville. Stopping m…

12 days.

For twelve days I went on a business adventure.
I had a bit of a dilemma with my camera settings, thanks to Justin Steiner and his amazing photo knowledge, I finally have access to my photos!
It started on March 1st, getting onto a plane at 7am with a few of the Bicycle Times/ Dirt Rag posse. Heading to North American Handmade Bicycle Show being held in Sacramento, CA. Although I grew up partially in the cities of Ventura & Ojai, CA I had never made it to Sacramento. Its California. Slightly overcast, chilly in the shade & warm in the sun.
While the skilled and very knowledgable Editors and Photographers made their plans on first interviews and photos, I set up our amazing new booth. After years of laying out visually appealing/ foot stopping retail stores, I was excited to be part of a merchandising creation again.
Watch out for that guy under the table.  
Thursday night we were sponsor of ArtBike! a call to artist who incorporate bicycles into their art. These were the top th…