post holidaze purge

Every year I go into a purge and organize mode, a day or two after the holiday is done. Where to put my cool new stuff? Or how to cram it into an "organized" space and remind me I have it? I have to much pack rat blood in me, on both sides. No matter how I try and deny it, mentally shouting "I'm a minimalist!", it's a lie. I own a ton of crap.
Before I tackled any placement of my awesome new books and my powder poof, I had to deal with the hideous state of the bike room.  I actually  attempt to work in this.

Loads of random parts, lights, lubes and empty packages consuming the work bench and bikes leaning precariously throughout the room. How does this happen, you ask? It's countless hours of laziness and an inability to pick up our shit. It's not easy. Two hours later... behold!

I can see the door that is my work bench and the beautiful stained carpet. Magical. Start off 2012 with  an ability to actually nurture my bicycles, that's pretty fantastic. It will last maybe 2 or 3 months, as soon as March rolls around I will be too consumed with the awesome hullabaloo of NAHBS, Seattle Expo & the National Bike Summit to recognize the pile of crap that will take over once again.
Moving onto more important things. 
My older sister gave us these. Obviously hours of entertainment. 

I finally downloaded one those fancy camera phone apps so I can pretend to be a photographer.
Brace yourself for more of these amazing photos.
I am off to be Spiderwoman and save Aunt Sera with Little Wolverine and Batgirl.


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