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post holidaze purge

Every year I go into a purge and organize mode, a day or two after the holiday is done. Where to put my cool new stuff? Or how to cram it into an "organized" space and remind me I have it? I have to much pack rat blood in me, on both sides. No matter how I try and deny it, mentally shouting "I'm a minimalist!", it's a lie. I own a ton of crap.
Before I tackled any placement of my awesome new books and my powder poof, I had to deal with the hideous state of the bike room.  I actually  attempt to work in this.
Loads of random parts, lights, lubes and empty packages consuming the work bench and bikes leaning precariously throughout the room. How does this happen, you ask? It's countless hours of laziness and an inability to pick up our shit. It's not easy. Two hours later... behold!
I can see the door that is my work bench and the beautiful stained carpet. Magical. Start off 2012 with  an ability to actually nurture my bicycles, that's pretty fanta…

Incapable blog.

I find it very challenging to set aside time to blog. When I do have time, it is the last thing on my mind.
Regardless of the New Year, I am going to try and get better at this. Not because I'm letting down all three of my followers who might read this, but to better my writing skills and just straight jibber jabber about crap.
Four months ago I was hired by the publications of Dirt Rag & Bicycle Times. One of the perks is having the opportunity to review/ test product, this comes with the catch of writing about the product. Sounds easy until I factored in that readers need to be able to understand my erratic way of thinking, talking and apparently writing. If only I was as eloquent as Hunter S.
I have also been suggested on more than one occasion to write a memoir of some of my younger years. I never thought much about my life being that interesting or that original. Either way, in 20 years I may not remember these tales of my youth.
I have a week off and it seems as a good t…