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Biking for work.

Three work days in meetings and shenanigans.
The latter half of those days consisted of riding in one format or another. On Tues., a mountain bike adventure to North Park Dirt Rag style, which includes a few beers here and there. If you have read any of my other blog posts, I'm a proud single track beginner. I prefer stay toward the back of most rides. I like knowing no one is being held up at my leisure pace and periodical bike walking or run. To my relief, the trails were friendly, with bypasses on anything challenging.
I'm sure there are some newbies out there that agree with my irrational fears. Riding on a single track with a decent drop off two inches from the edge is one of them, steep drop ins, large logs/ trees and heavy rock forests. To name just a few. Maybe too many crashes in my younger more nimble days, I'm certain, I won't bounce back as quickly. Whatever the reason, I had one triumph on Tues. I made it through a double dip that was steeper than I would …