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New Puppy joins the Family

I did not post all last week because we got a puppy!!! She is adorable.
We had a Boston Terrier, we got him when we were 22-23 I think. We had been living together for 2 years, we did not train him at all (our poor roommates!) and he was this amazing surly old man all the to the end. Now we have 80lb Lab mix, who doesn't realize how big he is. He is well mannered for the most part, we are not super trainers, but he has the basics down.

For about a year and half we have talked about getting another dog. It's not an easy decision, we have busy lives and animals are expensive and take a lot of time.

We made the decision last November to start seriously looking at adopting a rescue dog. We both wanted a puppy, for multiple reasons. I had filled out about a dozen applications, not realizing it was rolling up on Christmas and never got a call back. Being like fourth or tenth in line for a pupper.

So I got tired of getting my hopes up and decided to take a break from applying. At t…

To Kid or Not to Kid

I have a 9 yr. old daughter, a 4 yr. old son and a 16 yr old sister within my household. There was a time when I didn’t want children, being very open of how selfish I was and not willing to share my time, money and overall being responsible. Like, the “mine!” kid at the public park.
Many cyclist I know want nothing to do with children, they instead have dogs and cats to love and nurture. Most of them are very well educated and great riders.  A combination to me, would equal smart mini cyclists.
I often get eyes rolled at me when I can’t go to outings because my daughter has a music lesson, swim class or a sleepover that happens to be at the same time as the meet time for a ride.
It’s true I do not ride as much as I use to, and have packed on a few unwanted pounds. It is an epic event when you compare grabbing your bag and going for a ride to prepping for yourself and 3 others.  A lot of times my own exhaustion takes over my motivation. When my day’s consist of :
1.Wake up, get dressed
2. Get kids up, get kids dressed (teenager is already gone, thank goodness for some independence and the 9 yr gets herself together also, I just have to yell occasionally “D you good?!” while I attempt to convince the boy getting dressed and going to pre-k is more fun than staying home and playing with his trains all day. I think he knows I’m fibbing …)
3. Breakfast and pack my lunch while the kids eat.
4. Get to pre-k wish grand farewell off to bus stop for a 2nd grand farewell! Which has to be less dramatic and cool for the 9 yr old.
5. Work! (is almost a place of escape, no one asking me for a drink, a snack or look at me mommy! Which I love to see them, stand on their heads or run in circles screaming, and there is the occasional music solo.)
6. Run home, where Nama has picked up the boy and D is home. Teenager, plugging away at homework. We have trained D to come home do her homework and be done. One of our few “hold my head high” parenting moments
7. The hubby makes dinner (otherwise we would eat spaghetti every night or grilled cheese and canned soup) While I check homework, talk to kids about their day, make sure there are no concerns or needs to remind D of how a kick to the shin in a certain way can be very painful, or teach the teenager how to make a solid punch to a throat. Note: This is self-defense stuff only! I grew up in a city near Los Angeles, CA, the streets had gangs, a story for another time.
8.  Hubby and I get about 30 minutes of chill time during dinner. Aaahhhh… Its over! Clean up! Often have teenager enjoy the art of dish washing and one of the little ones rinse.
9. Insert the 3 days a week swim class (which D loves) and music lessons for both girls.
10. Bath and bed wrangling! Done
Who has energy after that! Why would I inflict myself with this insanity?!
This blog post is not helping my case…
Besides the obvious rewards that non-parents are fully aware of. I am raising kids who are learning to enjoy life, whether it is swimming, playing piano, or trying to ride a bike with Mom. Kids with manners and little too much sarcasm, they are ride bicycles, camp, are into non-mainstream music, and have survival capabilities. It gives me hope for a TV & technology overdosed generation.  Regardless if my kids choose to make cycling or an outdoor lifestyle a passion, they will be aware of rights and wrongs that happen on an everyday basis on the streets and trails.  They will not be sucked into over commercialism, or trends to be “cool” and they will not discriminate against anyone who is different.

Plus how to drop someone on they’re ass if they need too.


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