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temper. temper.

I wag a mental finger at a friend today. Who has made the decision that he hates all cyclist. Well, this is a problem... I'm a cyclist... Are we friends? No, not super close friends. hmmm.. this makes me look at the source of this newly found information. Facebook.
Facebook is a place to spew nonsense about yourself, your family or what you love and hate. I know, I do it all the time. It's the drug of choice by millions.  We don't sit in bed and smoke anymore (well, referring to myself.) I sit and "check" my social networks. With my internet capable phone less than a foot away.
Did my husband just text me from downstairs? yup.
My friend is not a cyclist. I consistently spew tons of advocacy, cool gadgets and reviews, plus the occasional bash of the current town we live in, has no concept of the benefits to creating a bicycle infrastructure. Maybe my over love has pushed him from "not being into it (cycling)" to a "shit the fuck up about it" st…

To Kid or Not to Kid

I have a 9 yr. old daughter, a 4 yr. old son and a 16 yr old sister within my household. There was a time when I didn’t want children, being very open of how selfish I was and not willing to share my time, money and overall being responsible. Like, the “mine!” kid at the public park. Many cyclist I know want nothing to do with children, they instead have dogs and cats to love and nurture. Most of them are very well educated and great riders.  A combination to me, would equal smart mini cyclists. I often get eyes rolled at me when I can’t go to outings because my daughter has a music lesson, swim class or a sleepover that happens to be at the same time as the meet time for a ride. It’s true I do not ride as much as I use to, and have packed on a few unwanted pounds. It is an epic event when you compare grabbing your bag and going for a ride to prepping for yourself and 3 others.  A lot of times my own exhaustion takes over my motivation. When my day’s consist of : 1.Wake up, get dres…

Dim the Lights.

A long overdue wrap up of my Vegas trip.
The bicycle industry is full of people of all styles of life. Overall, 99% of them were amazing and good hearted. Full of niceties and understanding of me being a newb.  After working as many years as I have, forcing myself to smile and pretend that I believed in what I was doing... there is an overwhelming sense of relief, to know that I actual do believe in what I am doing. And shock that I'm getting paid to do it!
I look forward to seeing new found friends again, drink a beer and laugh at our own ridiculousness.
I must remember a wig next year...

One adventure of the week: