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This is bat country!l

Flying to Vegas for Interbike. It's my first time attending and have nervous excitement boiling within me. I'm pretty sure it has minimal to do with the pharmaceutical cocktail I am currently prescribed. We take a puddle jumper from Pittsburgh to Cleveland. They request that we get on the now, so we can bypass a storm, this is said while flashes of lightning shine through large glass windows that show nothing more than a heard of metal birds expelling exhaust and chemicals into this thing we call air.
We make it through the black cloud and ascend to the billowy sky above.  Cleveland, never been and apparently will not have the chance today.
I get a taste of the camaraderie that envelopes this event, old friends meeting once again. Than board.
A plane is one of few places you can drool while you sleep and everyone seems to understand, it doesn't need to spoken of.
Pilot announcement: "we will be landing in 10 minutes... its a bit of a bumpy decent... we have a little w…