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Happy Valentines Day πŸ’

For whatever it is worth, Happy Valentines Day! Tell yourself "I are amazing!", give yourself a high five and a hug. Life is challenging and everyday is full of reminders that we are imperfect. And that is OK! Being imperfect is what makes us unique, fun and interesting.

I love imperfections! Like my hubby's very broken-crooked nose, his dad-bod and his very heavy sarcasm. I love that my son doesn't know when to stop talking and that my daughter doesn't know when to stop worrying. I could nitpick everything I may not like about myself but it IS what makes, me.

Try and love yourself as much as possible.😘

Tues. feels like Mon.

Started out our 4 day weekend with an hour drive, we had hope to ride our bikes to Ohiopyle it just didn't work out.  It was slightly unappealing with a 9 year old who just finished her last day of camp, a 4 year old with an inability to not fidget and a mom (me!) who was looking or any reason to not bike 50 miles that included a final approach that we would have had to push our bikes up with all the gear on a rocky terrain. I would have lost my patience and made the hubby push everything up the rocky hill, muttering profanities for the last leg.
We reserved a "hike in" site. The approach was 20 feet up a rather steep hill, we chose one of the sites near the entry. Of course I made the kids hike up and down the hill with us and carry little things, put those kids to work!

Tent up, kids running rampant, camp chair out, campfire started, oh yeah.
Started off Sat. morning packing up the bikes and riding to a small town nearby, 22 mile round trip. Picnic, ice cream for the kids, teach them to not feed wild animals even if they are adorable. On our way back, we stopped at a little spot near the river where the kids could cool off and play, we also saw a 4 foot rattler cross the bike path. Back at the van we headed toward town to enjoy some local cuisine (or so we hoped). The kids were just too tired to sit and wait for a meal and we were too tired to argue. Pizza it is!

D spent the remaining of daylight finishing her Harry Potter book.
Late Sat. night, snuggled into our tent, the thunder began to rumble. (I don't sleep solid, the slightest noise will wake me into a paranoid state. Ask the hubby, "honey, did you hear that? what was that? are you going to go and see?!" poor guy.)  When we woke the site was a mudded mess, the tent held up though, just a few patches of wet near the edges. Coleman, good stuff. My lil' man proceeded with sliding around on his knees, falling several times and than professing his need to go into the tent, the toddler signal for time to go and do something.
The weather had cleared so we made way to Flat Rock, a great little spot that I have never seen more than a dozen people filled in at once. I talked D into going down the little slide that was there, she was fine the first time, second time she got stuck in the current and started to panic "Mom! Help!". Mom to the rescue! (I need a quick release cape for these moments.) The hubby was off fishing somewhere enjoying moments to himself.
The thunder returns and the ominous clouds are heading our way. We start heading back to the van and the rain starts on us. We hoped it would give up and let us finish our last night... not this time. We slid down the river like "hike in" as quickly as we could, and by we I mean "he" as in Steve. I packed up the bed rolls and sleeping bags, dryly in the tent. (That sounds really bad now that I have type it out...) The rain became so heavy and loud, D and I were screaming at each other in order to ask simple questions. Which of course Odin had to add in his 2 cents of random words, in turn D and I would look at each other having no clue what he said and shrug.
We still cannot seem to break that 3 night mark on camping, we keep getting rained out. It was a good trip, biking, fishing, D discovering the hilarity of lighting random things on fire. I still need a Go Girl.
Ho-hum, back to the daily grind.


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