The Skirt Test

I occasionally ride in a skirt or dress. It is easy to just throw on a  pair of cycling shorts and hop on my bike. I never really paid attention to the response, focusing more on riding and having fun than drivers. With the current uproar on it being too distracting to drivers to cycle in a short skirt, I can't help but want to fully test this theory. On Sunday I cruised downtown in a summer dress to pick up the newspaper, I took a detour to add to the length of the ride, considering the nearest news stand is 3 blocks from my house. A few looks and 1 jaw drop, eh, not much of a response. I commuted yesterday in a blue skirt that is about an inch above my knee ( I can't bring myself to go shorter, slightly modest in that respect ). It's an 8 mile, 1 way commute. When you are in the saddle, there really is only a slight chance for drivers to notice the whole skirt thing. Typical ride there, cars going to fast, going out of their way to get as close as possible, the occasional 10 feet drive in the other lane reaction. Which I would prefer over the drivers who feel they need to almost clip my handlebars.
On the way home I stood more often, trying to really see if I can get any sort of substantial reaction. I passed a police officer and thought, "ooooh, is he gonna give me a negative look or pull me over?" nope, ignored. Further down the road, closer to 5pm, I finally saw results! When I stood and cars passed, regardless of a male or female drive, they actually slowed down to pass me (sometimes went out of their way to look at me in a sort of "really?" way). Sit back down, they go back to normal eratic driving, stand up, slowed down again and again.
In turn, if you wear a skirt and make it known, you may have to deal with less aggro drivers than usual. I may start wearing skirts more often.


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