Sometimes I ride a Mountain Bike- You should too

Yesterday after work, I geared up with co-workers out to Strasburg to hit a few trails at Hartwood Acres. None of us had been there before and I being the least experienced rider was beyond a little nervous. We met up with some of the guys from Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times Magazine, unintentionally furthering my nerves of the experienced riders in comparison to myself. Oh well, I am going to have some fun and try and not worry about it!
 We ride a up a nice little hill, where I am already out of breath when we meet the top. Karl is leading the way and is doing an amazing job of describing what we are going to be riding and making sure we keep eyes on each other. Karl is a veteran of these trails and it just seems like this backyard when he describes it.
I am already white knuckling the handle bars of my borrowed bike. (and borrowed helmet, and water bottle, did I mention I was not prepared at all.) First step in, a few small rocks and sticks, the trail is a little more narrow than others I have been on, I'm told this is due to the fact that these trails are man made.
Made it up the first few hills, I kick ass! (even though I am last and very far behind everyone.) Some down hill fun, squeezing my brakes the whole time. :-) We came up on a downhill path shaped like an S, I could feel my eyes increasing in size. (This is my 3rd time out in 9 years on a mountain bike, its dynamics are extremely different than riding on the road or rails to trails, and I am straight petrified right now.) I did not center my weight far enough back and squeezed my brake, almost went over the handle bars, which would have been in slow motion since I was moving at a snails pace. Compose myself, deep breath. Get myself back on that bike!
I did succeed a few small jumps off, what I would call, medium size rocks, but were probably small to anyone else. Half way through the ride we passed by the road back to the car. "I go that way to get back, right?" Off I went, flying down the hill feeling comfortable in my element, road, speed, tucked into the handle bars going as fast as I can with knobby tires.
Get back to the car, found a rock in the backyard, sat, drank my water and enjoyed the peace.
I think the hubby and I could make this a date night thing.


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