Day 2- night

I had steak for dinner! It's been years. Yum. 
Garlic, garlic, garlic. Take THAT bugs!
SPF 95  does not work as well as my pastey skin needs. I burnt the tops of my feet and my back. Good Gracious.
We started our own fire tonight. Odin is quite the fire wood collector.
After 4 trips up the hill to the "pot" toilet, lil' man will not step foot in it to poo, I don't blame him, there are some bugs in there. Instead he dropped trou in the woods and got it done. He than proceeded to say "I'm the man." He needs a new nickname, maybe grizzle. Will have to think on that.

Listening to fire, the sounds of the river, and a sky full of stars. D is determined to find some constellations.
FYI: definition of a pot toilet- its a port a john  building but nothing but a huge hole dug under it. Of course your mind races with "what the heck could be down there", after my third trip resisting the urge to look, I did it! I shined my head lamp down there, I thought I would see the biggest bugs in the world. Nope, just a pile of poo. It was almost dissapointing.


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