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I managed to ride my bike to work and back a total of 3 times this week. Giving me 42 miles logged. Not too bad, considering I have not commuted on my bike consistently for (it's sad to say) quite a few years.
Along my journeys this week, I was reminded of all the uncreative names yelled at you when you ride in an area that thinks the roads were paved only for them. (Ahem. Know your history, paved roads were petitioned by cyclist) You get the typical one's: a-hole, jerk, fag (the most popular) wuss (you ride 8+ miles and see how much of a wuss it takes to ride a bike.) Today I got one that actually made me double take the young driver.... wait for it.... Geek! Oh yeah. That could have had something to do with my blindingly bright green, orange and yellow see me wear jersey or it could just be some sad attempt at an insult. Geek, definitely. That's not even slightly offensive.  Can I get a little creativity here?
After being pummeled with a bit of …

Sometimes I ride a Mountain Bike- You should too

Yesterday after work, I geared up with co-workers out to Strasburg to hit a few trails at Hartwood Acres. None of us had been there before and I being the least experienced rider was beyond a little nervous. We met up with some of the guys from Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times Magazine, unintentionally furthering my nerves of the experienced riders in comparison to myself. Oh well, I am going to have some fun and try and not worry about it!
 We ride a up a nice little hill, where I am already out of breath when we meet the top. Karl is leading the way and is doing an amazing job of describing what we are going to be riding and making sure we keep eyes on each other. Karl is a veteran of these trails and it just seems like this backyard when he describes it.
I am already white knuckling the handle bars of my borrowed bike. (and borrowed helmet, and water bottle, did I mention I was not prepared at all.) First step in, a few small rocks and sticks, the trail is a little more narrow than othe…


Day 2 4pm
On road home. It will be a 5 hr. drive minimum. Its a nice scenic drive home. Hope we come across a cafe soon, would love some good coffee and not gas station coffee.
Half way there and lil' yacks. Emergency, pull over comfort/ clean up super mom in action.
Back on the road. Note to self: No more slushies mixed with twisty roads.
Camping again in a few weeks!

Day 3

Day 3
Slept terribly. Sun burn, bad back (pain pills only do so much), and Odin kept invading D's space, so she was forced to invade mine. We have self inflating individual mattress. They are very nice, compact, and somewhat comfortable. (You can find them at REI.) They are built for one body only. Somehow Odin's head ended up on D's bed roll and his feet on his own, the rest on the ground. So i would attempt to pick him up and nicely toss him back on his bed. This happened 3 times.
I declared this morning to have a vote on going home this afternoon, in a half asleep, grumpy tone.
It's unanimous. We are going home today. The bugs are out in full effect. Mosquito's have eaten the tops of my feet. I need a shower and a gallon of aloe vera.
Steve and D caught fish this morning making it a better end to the trip. Packed up and pacing to go. Counting down the time to take a shower. You really appreciate how amazing showers and your own bed is after you camp. I am unbelievab…

Day 2- night

I had steak for dinner! It's been years. Yum.
Garlic, garlic, garlic. Take THAT bugs!
SPF 95  does not work as well as my pastey skin needs. I burnt the tops of my feet and my back. Good Gracious.
We started our own fire tonight. Odin is quite the fire wood collector.
After 4 trips up the hill to the "pot" toilet, lil' man will not step foot in it to poo, I don't blame him, there are some bugs in there. Instead he dropped trou in the woods and got it done. He than proceeded to say "I'm the man." He needs a new nickname, maybe grizzle. Will have to think on that.

Listening to fire, the sounds of the river, and a sky full of stars. D is determined to find some constellations.
FYI: definition of a pot toilet- its a port a john  building but nothing but a huge hole dug under it. Of course your mind races with "what the heck could be down there", after my third trip resisting the urge to look, I did it! I shined my head lamp down there, I thought I w…

Day 2

The rain has ceased for now, all hail the sun!
Breakfast burritos and then a quick run to the market for ice and live bait.
Attempted to try and find rain / muck boots for D and I. No luck. Oh well, we are tough girls. We can handle this mud business.
There is about 5 shops in the area. A Dollar General and a very small hardware / craft store seem to be the highlight. I love the lack of need for mass consumerism.
I am wearing a tank top and assume I will frighten the locals with all my tattoos. Instead, I get 3 compliments. Teach me to assume.
Uncle Bob brought his canoe to the pond and I thought, oh, that's nice. The kids get to fish off a boat.
What I did not realize I was required to get on the canoe as well. I am not afraid of water, nor am I afraid of boats or fish. I am afraid that the boat will tip and I will fall in, the hole in my ear filling with water and the danger behind that for me and my 33 year battle with my right ear. Odin has his "lifer-vest"…

Day 1- Nightfall

Day 1 night
We trek down in Bill's truck (Steve's Dad). Through mud and a small river patch that is higher than it should be, to a camp spot proclaimed Pot Springs. The possibility of more rain and not being able to cross back over sits in the back of my mind.
My shoes are saturated, within a few minutes my clean/dry socks already soaked through to my feet. There are a group of annual Memorial Day friends and family who all smile as we walk up. Odin won't go near the fire and D's shyness goes into full effect. She eventually decides to indulge in a smore. Lil' man goes for an apple, half asleep he sits in my lap and nibbles on his apple, occasionaly falling asleep between bites.
We head back down to camp and yes, we make it back with no problems.
Beer in our bellies and the kids asleep. Sigh of relief for a few minutes to ourselves.
I know, I must come to terms with a full bladder.
Bill had shown Steve where a hidden "Pot Toilet" is up the hi…