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Camping weekend 2- Day 1

As we near our destination, Steve & I reflect on the previous weekend camping at a mountain bike festival, having running water, playground & surrounded by other campers, some we hope to never camp near again. I blurt a random statement, that sounded like an elderly lady, "I'm going to write about our adventures this summer on 'the blog' thing." Steve's response is a chuckle & "go for it."
We are headed to a private piece of land, that was once a boys camp in the 1950's. Its now an artist retreat for a few summer months a year & the owners have known Steve's family for a few generations and are nice enough to let his family continue to enjoy its beauty. We always pitch our tent close enough to the river to fish first thing in the morning & enjoy its soft flow at night (along with a frog and cricket lullaby).
I am a mildly experienced camper. I might be able to start a fire on my own, but there is no guarantee. …