Women group ride in Queens, New York

This is the kind of news I enjoy reading!

A women's cycling group is hosting a group ride not only in celebration of a much-needed bike lane on a dangerous road but also to encourage more woman to ride. talked to Laura Shepard a co-chair of the Queens Boulevard Committee for Transportation Alternatives. Shepard stated in reference it the ride, "It's to demonstrate and celebrate the fact that women bike in New York City, and especially in Queens, because the stereotype is that (biking is) heavily male-dominated," Laura told Patch, "While there still is a large gap, that's really not the case."

According to the installed bike lane was a controversial one. But as cyclists we all are aware almost any bike lane installation tends to be a "controversy".

To sign-up for the March 25 event in Queens, NY go here and take a look at their empowering mission statement.
 I love searching the #womenbike hashtag on Facebook and Instagram, …

Budget life: the library is amazing

This year I'm knuckling down, saving every penny and getting the fudge out of debt. One major way I control the monthly budget is I use our local library a lot.

You can borrow:
BooksGraphic Novels Digital booksMoviesCD's Audible books Our library has a request system, so I can get items that my library doesn't have transferred. It's crazy! I no longer purchase movies, I request them from the library.

 All the above is free! Unless you're like me and notoriously turn things in late. Even then I'm charged 10-cents a day. Most libraries have intuitive websites so you can renew your stuff or make requests.

There is also:
Free Wi-FiFree computer useYou can print things from the internet for 10-cents each (price may vary at other libraries but it is likely equally as inexpensive)You can make copies, again my library charge cents for thisThere are kids programs, summer programs, toddler times, informational events, used book sales, adult programs, teen programsAnd awes…

Kid Microscope - best gift ever

Whether or not your kid is into science, microscopes are just fun. You can look at food, material, leaves, sticks, animal fur and dare I say, even boogers. Gross, no thank you.

Microscopes range from $30-$420+. Obviously, most kids under the age of 15 don't necessarily need a really expensive microscope. But if you go too cheap, well it is not nearly as fun. I don't know all the science-y details about microscopes, but I know that cheap ones are difficult to focus and the low magnitude sacrifices the ability to really see things close-up like the patterns of a butterfly wing.

We bought our son a microscope for his birthday 2 years ago. We purchased the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope - MFL-06 for $70. If you do some online digging you can find it for the $70 price +shipping, Amazon has it at $80 and if you have Prime then it's probably your best bet. It has three magnifications; 40x, 100x, 400x and it has worked wonderfully. It came with blank slides, four prepared slide…

Why do we hurry

My reoccurring back and hip problems flare up occasionally. I have good months and bad months, this month is a bad month. Whenever this occurs I'm forced to slow down, and am reminded of how much of hurry I am in about everything all of the time. And how much of hurry everyone around me is in.

We are in hurry to get to the next thing, to hurry through that.

There has been a continued trend of anger, everyone is in a rush and just plain inconsiderate of each other. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to change anytime soon.

And I don't think there is much that can be done about this on a large level right now, but on a micro level I try and thank people, say hello, say excuse me, go at a pace that I don't have anxiety attacks over. It's a daily goal for me to make people laugh, that act of trying to give someone the therapy of laughter helps me take a deep breath when I start imaging throat punching people (you know what I'm talking about!).

With all tha…

Review: REI stuff for Bicycle Times

Woohoo! I did a long-term review on REI Co-op Quarter Dome 1-person tent, Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad, and Magma 17 Sleeping Bag. Yes, it is a positive review, no it is not paid content or "advertorial". REI is making quality stuff these days. They have continued to listen to their members and they have been surrounded by well-known brands for years if they did not make a great product I'd be seriously concerned. I did have one gripe, read the full review at

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Social Media love it or hate it

In June of 2017, I declared I had deleted my Facebook account. And it was nice. I felt like I could have a legit conversation with people about what they have been up to and actually not know what they have been up to. I also felt like I was out of the loop on a lot of avid Facebook-er knowledge or jokes. Which I didn't mind so much.

Inevitably I rejoined Facebook this month. Why would I do this you ask? Regardless of its downward trend in social media engagement, likeability, and it is a place where people post angry religious or political posts (which was a major reason why I had to walk away) it still a relevant community to be part of. We are in a day and age where we all get to have our very own audience and our online presence is like a kind of weird resume. Unless I'm going completely off the grid with no technology, in my own eyes I'm just a hypocrite. What really makes one social media, better or worse than the other? They do the same thing for us, boost our confi…

Review: Keen Big Kids Hikeport Strap Boot

A good pair of outdoor shoes is one item I always invest in. I've gone the cheap route with big box store brand of hiking or running shoes and they start falling apart within a few months of steady use. The last two years I have purchased Keen boots for my son and they have been great. Last year we purchased the older version of the Hikeport Waterproof Mid Boot, it has a bungee closure that works really well. He liked them, he wore them, they lasted and I cleaned them really well then was able to pass them along to a friends kid.

This year we went with Keen's new twist on the Hikeport style with Velcro closure and more of a tennis shoe look. The Big Kids Hikeport Strap Midproof Mid boots are really awesome. First, the style they look super cool. I want a pair! Kids get all the cool stuff...  Second, the boots come with Keen's traditional features waterproof, odor control, lightweight and a non-marking sole. Lastly, they are super comfortable. They are comfortable enough fo…