Interbike convention 2018 recap

I rarely post work-related thoughts on my blog. It’s a place for me to puke words every so often. But with quite a few friends asking for my feedback on Interbike, the yearly bicycle convention, and entirely too much to say for a simple Facebook post this will have to be the place.

Thoughts are broken down in this order below:
Outdoor Demo
Indoor attendance & company feedback

Outdoor Demo
The pros are very short and sweet. It was very refreshing to be in a new, beautiful location and I'm told the riding is great. (I did not ride, fighting a sore throat and the excess dust was not appealing to my need to heal.)

The cons. It took an hour to get to Northstar from Reno. The vendor area felt about the same quantity as last year, so pretty low turnout. There were only seven bike manufacturers that I counted. The line for the gondola was reported to be a long wait and added to long wait times to get a bike to demo. There were more e-mtbs than analog bikes. Last …

Admitting I'm a helicopter Mom

This year my 11yo son is off to 6th grade, he is my youngest of two kids. He has decided that he wants to go to the bus stop on his own. Instead of feeling proud of his confidence and independence my worry immediately set in. I did not show him this feeling, just gave him an "Okay cool, look both ways before you cross the street!". Then proceeded to spy out the front window... somewhere in my journey of motherhood I became Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched.

Okay, I'll admit I have been the self-appointed "neighborhood watch" for a while. But when my husband called me out yesterday because I was still watching the bus stop out my window and the kids have been back to school for a week already... I realized I'm way more overprotective than I thought.

I'll give you my reasons for the bus stop spying and worry. For starters any parent will tell you the bus is the number one place for severe bullying, cameras or not the bus is free range for jerk kids…

Dakine back-to-school backpacks & lunch bags for the win again

If you're purchasing a backpack for back-to-school season take a look at Dakine bags! They offer lots of cool prints, sizes and serious ability to take a beating. We only purchases backpacks when needed and Dakine backpacks and their lunch bags last my kids at least 3-4 years of school abuse.

We had another year of not having to purchase either bags for school for the 16yo and the 11yo! Woot! Parenting purchase victory. Thanks Dakine. ๐Ÿ˜˜

Tekko - Pittsburgh's annual Japanese Pop Culture convention

Tekko of Pittsburgh is a celebration of individuality and creativity. I am still in shock that this is an event with 10k+ attendees and is 100% volunteer and a non-profit.

As a volunteer at the Bag Check station, I was able to meet and talk with a lot of people. Which otherwise I would have likely not done. Although my energy really petered off at the end of my shift, I had a great time.

I love so much about this event! It has a super positive and supportive atmosphere. It's a safe space for a lot of people of all ages and genders. It's an event where they can be themselves without judgment. Or they can embody another person or character for a day. It's a place where the LGBTQ+ community can walk without fear or judgment. As someone who works in a mostly Caucasian-male industry,  it was refreshing to be surrounded by so many different cultures and identities. It brought a constant ear-to-ear smile to my face.

Tekko, like most large conventions, has a zero-tolerance policy…

Tekko - Pittsburgh's annual Japanese Pop Culture convention

I'm very excited to be volunteering at Tekko this year! My daughter has attended for the past couple years, she loves cos-playing and takes Japanese at school.  Because I help out wit Dirt Rag Dirt Fest for the past 7 years I am always looking at how other events run. The inner workings of an event that is 10,000 attendees and 100% volunteer based, oh yea. Sound chaotic and crazy.

The event is next weekend, April  5-8th. I'll be trying to post photos on my Instagram and hope to do a quick recap on my blog. If you are going to Tekko, make sure to stop by Bag Check and say hey-lo!

Also this weekend, Saturday April 7th is the Women's Bike Forum Bike Pittsburgh puts on every year. It's a really great event! Bummed I cannot make it this year, they have some awesome clinics and speakers. Check it out it.

IUD - Two weeks later

I am two-weeks into having my IUD. Read more about the no-so-fun-time of having it inserted here.

I've had my period for two-weeks now. Ugh. It's mild spotting for me, but I have never had a "heavy" period. I've talked to my OBGYN and have heard that some ladies are unfortunate enough to have to empty their menstrual cup (All hail the Diva cup!) every 1-2hrs. That really sucks, sorry to the ladies who have to deal with that shizzle.

I am also still experiencing a little bit of cramping, but it's definitely subsiding.

My problem right now is you are suppose to check to make sure the IUD didn't fall out during your cycle. Every time I think my period is over I try to check this thing. It is not easy to find the strings. At the end of the IUD are two strings, like floss feeling almost. I had a really difficult time finding the strings! I actually emailed the nurse who was super responsive and asked for advice, which she gave me. Let me paint a funny picture…

IUD, should I get one

Should I get an IUD... it's a question that I sat on for several months. I have two kids and I don't want anymore. I am an advocate for women's health rights and I feel that right is being threatened right now. I researched online as much as I could, I talked with my OBGYN, I talked with friends who had them. And I decided that an IUD is the best option for me. So two weeks ago I had one inserted. Here is how it went...

Having had two kids naturally, with no epidural (Woot! Bragging points. (เน‘•̀ใ…‚•́)ูˆ✧). I thought, "How painful could this really be, I'm a bad-ass". The night before my appointment, I had trouble sleeping, just typical worry and nervousness. On my OBGYN's recommendation, I took of the day of the IUD insertion off. An hour before my appointment I swallowed the recommended Ibuprofen and headed out.

I'm escorted into the room after the dreaded weight scale. The nurse asked for a pee test. They need to ensure I was definitely not pregnant. Th…